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Studio Carta Paper Scissors Plated with 24 karat gold — HANDCRAFTED BY ARTISANS IN ITALY

$44.00 USD

Angela Liguori, founder and creative director of Brooklyn's Studio Carta, is dedicated to bringing back timeless design, top quality craftsmanship, functionality, beauty, and well, Special — something we need more of today. 

She discovers and brings back functional elegance and style, as she partners with Italian artisans to craft want-to-have, want-to-use daily, want-to-display and want-to-keep desk accessories made with the same high quality materials and precise practices that have been used since the 19th century. 

The best scissors are designed for specific projects. To this end, we are very pleased to bring you Studio Carta's Paper Scissors, which are engineered specifically for cutting paper.

Crafted in Italy, these scissors trace their design back to the 1950’s when flat-handled scissors were first made and are still in production today. Each pair features an elegant gold-plated handle paired with durable carbon steel blades.

A thin layer of 24 karat gold is applied to the scissors to give them such an elegant and stylish look.

Precision sharpening ensures that you can count on Studio Carta's Paper Scissors to deliver a perfect cut for years to come. Each pair is etched with Studio Carta logo.


Materials: Carbon steel blade, 24-karat-gold plate

Size: 7 1/2" inches long (10 cm)

Origin: Made in Italy


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