We here at Pretty Things & Cool Stuff believe everyone should learn how to grow an organic, sustainable garden  — small or large, indoors and/or outdoors — for these reasons, and more:

1. First-hand experience with how everything is connected, and how one element can impact others, from seed to harvest and from soil, to water, air and the surrounding living ecosystem — your own microcosm of the planet. 

2. Growing your own food organically is good for your health and pocketbook. It is more nutritious and also tastes better, and you can grow varieties not available in grocery stores. 

3. It's good for your mind and brain. There is so much to discover about growing things if one wants to learn. It can be an endless and very fulfilling and rewarding lifelong journey! 

And, growing things can be good for your mental health and help to reduce stress. The more we connect with Mother Earth the better, for all kinds of reasons!

So, we have put together what were are calling the Grow Good Indoor/Outdoor SAVE THE BEES Gardening Kit to make it easy to start growing plants that are good for you and for our precious ecosystems and Mother Earth. We also are very proud to offer as part of the Kit, very high quality, organic and Non-GMO Project Verified seeds from Botanical Interests!

Here is a list of all of the goodies included in the six-piece Grow Good Kit:



1 — High quality, three-piece, reusable plastic growing tray which includes a base tray, a seed tray that fits inside the base tray and has slits to allow water to drain into the base tray, and a sturdy lid to place on top to keep in important moisture for germinating seeds and growing sprouts.  

You can add light soil or seed growing medium to the tray, then seeds, follow directions on the seed package, and water lightly daily until sprouts are established. Enjoy watching your mircogreens grow and enjoy eating them! 

1  — 40 gram package of USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, open pollinated and untreated Botanical Interests Sunflower Microgreens Seeds

High in iron, calcium, protein and healthful unsaturated fat, the greens from these black oil sunflower seeds are a nutritious addition to just about any dish that sprouts from your imagination. 

Sunflower microgreens can be grown indoors at any time of year, and they are a nutrient-packed way to get your "green fix" all year round. 

1 — 6-gram package of USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, open pollinated, untreated Botanical Interests Ciao Bella Basil Blend Microgreens

Hello, Beautiful! As the name suggests, this basil blend has attractive purple and green leaves with the signature basil flavor  from a Genovese basil, and sweetness from "Dark Opal" basil. 

Basil microgreens have a milder flavor than full-grown basil, so more is more with these little guys. 

They are delicious in salads, on veggies, in pasta dishes and of course, on pizza! These basil microgreens also can be grown indoors any time of the year.

Baby Greens

(The harvested size of baby greens is bigger than microgreens, but smaller than traditional size greens usually grown outdoors.)

1 — 6-gram package of USDA-certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, open pollinated and untreated Botanical Interests Red Russian Kale Baby Greens Seeds

How do you make a nutritional powerhouse even more nutritious? Grow it as a Baby Green! Loaded with vitamins A and C with big boosts of calcium, protein, iron and fiber.
These Red Russian Kale Baby Greens are more tender that than full-sized leaves and are best enjoyed raw, and they can be grown indoors all year long. There is a yummy Kale Caesar Salad recipe inside the seed packet!



1 — 4-gram package of Botanical Interests SAVE THE BEES Flower/Herbs Mix Seeds. (Open pollinated and untreated seeds)

The flowering annuals, biennials and perennials flowers and herbs in this mix provide food for many of the more than 4,000 bee species in North America.

With so many gorgeous flowers and tasty herbs, you'll appreciated this bountiful mix as much as the so-very-important-and-much-needed bees! 

The SAVE THE BEES Flower Mix packages includes seeds for these flowers and herbs:

Sweet Basil / Bergamot / Black-Eyed Susan / Borage / California Poppy / Catnip / Cilantro/Coriander / Lance-leaved Coreopsis / Cosmos / Dill / Annual Gaillardia / Globe Gilia / Rigid Goldenrod /Lavender Hyssop / Lemon Mint / Purple Prairie Clover / Siberian Wallflower / Cut and Come Again Zinnia

(When they are mature enough, most of the annuals in the mix bloom from late spring to first fall frost. When they are mature enough, most of the biennials and perennials will develop foliage the first season, and bloom the following seasons.)

1 — Set of 12 1 1/2" Botanical Interests Recycled Paper Pots with Tray (You can place these in the seed tray mentioned above if you like.) 

Botanical Interests Recycled Paper Pots are an eco-friendly way to grow your seedlings.

Simply "pop" open the paper pot, fill with soil, and sow your favorite seed! Note the variety and date sown in the label section right on the pot.You can put them in the include recycled paper tray and then place in the seed tray mentioned above.

When the plants are mature enough, you can plant it in the pot directly in the ground or soil in a pot, as the pot will biodegrade in the garden or a compost bin. Just water the plant, tear away the perforated bottom and transplant!

These Recycled Paper Pots are ideal to use for plant varieties that are sensitive to having their roots disturbed. And, they provide a convenient way to share your seedlings with friends and other gardeners!

Some other good reasons to use these Recycled Paper Pots:

  • Green alternative to plastic or peat pots.
  • Made from 100% recycled, food-grade paperboard.
  • Sustainably manufactured using low-water and low-energy use methods.
  • Biodegrades in the garden or compost bin.
  • Ideal for varieties sensitive to root disturbance.
  • When wet, perforated bottom allows for easy tear away and transplant.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Patent Pending





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