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ARTISAN CRAFTED — Wool and Silk Felted Sari Collage Scarf (Blue and Various Colors/Patterns) — The Red Sari

$48.00 USD

This special scarf is such a jewel in so many ways!

It is handcrafted by wool fibers being fused and felted with pieces of vintage tissue silk saris that otherwise would be discarded. The slightly scalloped edges are finished with stitching to secure the fibers and to give a finished hem. The result is a beautifully textured, one-of-a-kind scarf. 

It is rich blue with pieces of several different vintage tissue silk saris of different colors and patterns felted across on both sides to make a vibrant, eye-catching, very wearable work of art.

It is soft and luxurious with a beautiful drape and also has a lovely light weight that will transition seasons wonderfully.

It feels so good and has a very nice drape, and it is 20 inches wide by 76 inches long. So versatile!

The best part — it is lovingly handmade by artisan women who are members of a Fair Trade Organization in Kolkata, India.

And, the cherry on top — this special scarf is was made possible because of the vision and mission of Julie and her Alabama-based The Red Sari, a socially responsible design company dedicated to creating and sustaining jobs for women in Nepal. 

"We wanted the name of our company to reflect the beauty of the Nepali woman and her strength and courage in overcoming some of the things she faces living n a traditional, patriarchal society," Julie explained about the inspiration for the name of her growing social enterprise.

"For the women there, jobs represent more than income — working liberates them from lives of isolation, builds confidence and bestows status within their families and communities."

We are so happy to be able to bring you this beautiful and very special scarf that is helping to empower women and change their lives for the better!

What a true gift for all!

We love The Red Sari's wearable works of art and hope, and we think will, too,so here are more of them:


Material: Wool fibers felted together with tissue silk saris

Size: 20" inches wide X 76" inches long 

Care: Spot with soap and water, then reshape and dry flat

Origin: Katmandu Valley, Nepal


Julie West The Red Sari
Julie West, Founder/Owner/Designer – The Red Sari

 Recycling silk saris has led Julie West from Kathmandu to Kolkata. Whether it’s transforming scraps of silk saris and wool into felted art-to-wear scarves, or kantha hand-stitched silk saris into colorful wraps, Julie is rooted in collaborating with women artisans and helping the environment along the way.

In her own words: 
In 2007, I left my lucrative and secure healthcare career and stepped off into the unknown world of graduate school at the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service. During my international public service project with an organization in Nepal, I became inspired by the country and its artisans.

The summer following my graduation, I returned to Nepal for a four-month stay, working side-by-side with the women artisans in the Kathmandu Valley. Together, we designed our signature product, the felted vintage sari scarf, and other designs for the global marketplace.

As our relationships in Nepal grow and deepen through the years, our designs continue to evolve, and we hope yours customers will enjoy and treasure what we have worked with the Nepali women to design and what we have discovered in this small South Asian country halfway around the world!

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