ARTIST HANDCRAFTED — Dragonfly and Aquamarine Gemstones Bracelet


This lovely bracelet shimmers softly because of the aqua and light yellow genuine aquamarine rondelles that are wire wrapped by hand onto the double-stranded matte gold chain. (16k gold plated). And then there is the beautiful matte gold dragonfly charm that hangs so effortlessly. (Look at the pictures below to see a real one that visited us recently.)

This definitely is one of those special pieces that people will ooooh and ahhhh about when you wear it — day or night.

PLEASE NOTE: The matte finish will not tarnish, but while it might be tempting because you won't want to take it off, please don't wear your bracelet in the shower or the pool!


Length — 8" inches

Materials — Aqua and light yellow aquamarine rondelles, 16k gold-plated double-stranded chain and dragonfly charm. The finish will not tarnish, but please do not wear the bracelet in water. The dragonfly charmis 1/2" inch front the top of its head to the bottom of its tail, and 1 3/4" from wingtip to wingtip. Nice weight and feel.

Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon, USA





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