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ARTIST HANDCRAFTED — Hand Cut Vintage 70s English China Icy Blue Pendant - Two Designs — StayGoldMaryRose

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Just in from Across the Pond, it is so very exciting to be adding the handcrafted work of British accessory designer Abigail MaryRose Clark to Pretty Things & Cool Stuff! Some of her other clients include Anthropologie!

Abigail refers to her StayGoldMaryRose Collection as a celebration of the British china industry, because her beautiful and unique pieces are painstakingly crafted using reclaimed vintage china.

All of the bone china used in Abigail's work is sourced from the UK's biggest china manufacturers as seconds and damaged items. She believes strongly in preserving, upcycling and reusing beautiful objects that have outlived their previous lives or intended use. Yes!


Cool, very cool, indeed. These icy blue/gray pendants are hand cut and finished to the highest standard from vintage reclaimed china.

Eash pendant is:

  • 2 3/4" inches long
  • 1" wide
  • 1/4" inch thick of strong china.
  • The antique copper-colored chain is 24" inches long 

There are two designs of this pendant, each hand cut from the same piece of vintage china. Choose from Style A or Style B. See photos to the left, and you can pick your style from the drop down menu above.

Here are more of Abigail's loverly pieces!

And here are some of the tools Abigail uses to hand craft her china beauties!



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