"Our goals are to explore the globe in search of extraordinary teas, to honor and respect the people who work to produce those teas, and to offer exceptional teas to a world thirsting for peace and equality. We are committed to sharing the ideal that tea is a lifestyle; not a commodity."
- Bruce, Shelley and Ben Richardson — Founders, Elmwood Inn Fine Teas

And that is just one of the reasons we are so excited to bring you Wellness Teas from the incredibly experienced, knowledgable, talented, thoughtful and gracious Tea Masters at Elmwood Inn Fine Teas. Just wait until you sip and savor their wonderful blends!

Before tea was a beverage, it was considered medicine in China. We continue to think of tea as an important component for a healthy lifestyle. That's why we are very excited to bring you several Ayurvedic teas and herbal blends from the globally recognized and respected Tea Masters at Elmwood Inn Fine Teas who meticulously selected and hand blended them in ways meant to renew the body, mind and spirit.

Looking for a caffeine-free tea that's full of flavor? The delicious and beautiful  Monarch Garden infusion is an organic blend that incorporates the healthy benefits of golden turmeric and dried ginger with warm clove and the sweetness of stevia leaf.

Rose & marigold petals will remind you of a butterfly garden!

The all-organic Monarch Garden blend of ginger, cardamom, turmeric, hibiscus, clove, rose petals,marigold petals and leaf stevia makes for a full-bodied tea that you can enjoy any time of the day. 


Ingredients: (all organic)
Ginger, cardamom, turmeric, hibiscus, clove, rose petals, leaf stevia, lavender, and orange peel
Caffeine Level: None
Brewing Time: 3 - 7 minutes
Water Temperature: 212°F
Size: 3.5 ounce tin



The Elmwood Inn Fine Teas story began in 1990 when Shelley Richardson opened a tea room in the Civil War village of Perryville, Kentucky - just as the American tea renaissance was about to awaken.

For the next 14 years, Elmwood Inn developed an international reputation as one of America's favorite locations for a traditional afternoon tea. Bruce and Shelley Richardson chronicled their life in tea through three books and eventually launched a tea importing and wholesale packaging company - Elmwood Inn Fine Teas.

After serving thousands of guests, the tea room closed on July 31, 2004 in order for the family to focus on their expanding tea and publishing businesses.

And we think you should know a little more about Bruce, who MSN calls "a leading tea expert involved in tea's American renaissance for over 20 years."

The native Kentuckian is a writer, photographer, tea blender, and frequent guest speaker at tea events across the country. He can often be found appearing on television and radio talk shows, or as a guest speaker at professional seminars such as World Tea Expo.

Bruce has been a contributing source for articles found in Slate Magazine, MTV, CNN, The Smithsonian, National Geographic, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and BBC.  Several Fortune 500 companies have sought his counsel as they investigated tea's future in the world marketplace.

And in addition to being co-owner of Elmwood Inn Fine Teas and Benjamin Press, Bruce also serves as: contributing editor for TeaTime magazine, contributing editor for Tea Journey magazine and editorial board member for Fresh Cup magazine.

In 2011, Bruce was named Tea Master for the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, where he is helping define tea's historical role in the iconic 1773 event that helped shape America's destiny.

He also has authored 14 books on tea.

When it comes to tea, we here at Pretty Things & Cool Stuff believe we — and YOU — are in very good hands with the good folks at Elmwood Inn Fine Teas!

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