Large, 50-Ounce Glass Atlantis Water Fruit/Herb Infuser Pitcher — By Grosche

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Talk about checking all of the boxes!

When I discovered how incredibly useful, well-designed and well made the Atlantis Large Glass Water Fruit/Herb Infuser Pitcher is, I was very impressed. But then when I learned about the strong, deeply rooted social purpose/mission and its foundational change-the-world-for-the-better culture that Grosche (the company that designs and makes it) has, I was ecstatic!

Its mission? "Be a Source of Joy in the World"! And when it received the B Corp 2016-2017 Best for The World Award, you know it is definitely walking the walk!

Bringing you discoveries such as the Atlantis Large Glass Water Fruit/Herb Infuser Pitcher and the  Madrid 4-in-1 Coffee and Tea Brewing System that are kind to People + Planet and enhance and bring joy to your life is what we are all about at Pretty Things & Cool Stuff!

Practical water infuser pitcher

The Atlantis Large Glass Water Infuser Pitcher is a practical and versatile water infuser pitcher made of premium-quality materials that can be used with any fruit or herbs of your choice to make flavored water or tea as a great alternative to sugary pops and juices. It also is safe to use with both hot and cold liquids.

Its container is made of high quality, lead-free glass. And it also includes a filter made for infusing fruits and a tube for storing ice to keep your beverages colder longer. Both are made of BPA and phthalate-free plastic.  

High-quality glass

The Atlantis is made of borosilicate glass and is a practical design able to withstand very hot or cold temperatures. The handmade glass pitcher and two infusers are BPA and Phthalate free. The Atlantis holds 50 ounces or 1500 ml of your favorite personally crafted beverage and looks good doing so on any countertop.

Dual filter mechanism

The Atlantis features two infusers — one designed to make flavored water and the other intended to be filled with ice to keep your beverage cold without diluting it. Just put ice into the fully enclosed infuser and place it in the pitcher with the lid on.  The pitcher has a filter in the lid to keep the fruit from pouring out if you decide not to use the infusers. It is also a great option for making iced teas.


  • Features a high-quality borosilicate glass decanter made to withstand hold and cold temperatures
  • Includes two, BPA and Phthalate-free infusers — one for infusing fruit or herbs and the other for freezing ice so it doesn’t dilute your beverage
  • Perfect for flavoured water with natural flavours making it a great alternative from sugary pops and juices
  • 1500 ml/ 50 fl. oz. capacity that conveniently fits in most refrigerator doors
  • Dishwasher safe, but recommend hand washing to prolong the Atlantis' life
  • For every product sold, Grosche provides 5+ days of safe drinking water for people in need

About Grosche

Grosche is a social enterprise and a certified B Corp with a mission to "Be a Source of Joy in the World", for customers, employees, society and the planet, and to grow sustainably. 

The company uses its profits to do social development work internationally, including safe water development in India, Africa, and the Philippines. And it received the prestigious Best for The World Award for 2016-2017 from B Corp.

Grosche is a family run and majority woman owned and operated business based in Canada since 2006.  

With the purchase of any product, the company provides 5+ days of safe drinking water for people in need through the its Safe Water Project. Every cup fills a cup!