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MASON CASH — In The Forest Embossed Batter Bowl

$38.00 USD

This two-in-one beauty just makes you want to stop and mix up a batter and bake something!

Originating in Derbyshire, England, Mason Cash has been making fine pottery for home cooks and bakers for more than 200 years, and what a perfect example of we have here. 

This charming Batter Bowl is part of the company's "In The Forest" collection, which was inspired by folk tales from the mid-19th century. Mason Cash artisans intricately embossed the bowl with the images of a wise owl sharing its forest home with a rabbit, hedgehog, fox bear and more.

Not only is this bowl beautiful, it is very functional, durable and space saving.  Made of ceramic earthenware, the Batter Bowl is finished with a double glaze, and it resists chipping, cracking and fading. It is safe to use in a microwave, freezer and dishwasher (handwashing is recommended).

The Mason Cash In The Forest Batter Bowl has a 68-ounce (2.12 quart) capacity. sturdy handle and pouring lip specifically designed to make it your ideal, go-to bowl for mixing and pouring batters.

Add a whimsical nod to Mother Nature to your kitchen with this two-in-one bowl pretty enough to keep on display every day!