Tovolo Flower and Ladybug Sandwich Shaper

Remember how much better a PB&J sandwich tasted when Mom cut it into a triangle and trimmed off the crust?

Somehow, all was right with the world after a hot summer day of riding your bike when you would sit down at the kitchen table for a well-deserved lunch with that special sandwich and a glass of milk.

Well, just imagine how special sandwiches will be when you use the Tovolo Flower and Ladybug Sandwich Shaper  to not only cut away the crust, but also to shape the sandwich into a flower and a ladybug!

This bright red BPA-free, dishwasher-safe sandwich shaper also includes a reusable plastic container which doubles as a sandwich box for those on-the-go lunchtime needs. The Flower and Ladybug Sandwich Shaper makes sandwiches an extra-special treat for kids of all ages.

Want a little variety? Then check out our Honey Bee and Hive Sandwich Shaper.

Go ahead, you know you want to. Grab some fresh peanut or almond butter, jam from the farmers market or one of our Texas Honeybee Guild honey goodies (what a great way to create a teachable moment about the importance of bees!) and make a very special treat!


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