PARIS — Paris When It Giggles: A Realistic Travel Guide for Adventurous Parents — By Jill Coody Smits and Virginia Shurgar Hassell

Admit it. Traveling with kids takes courage. Traveling to Paris with kids takes courage, craft and a fair amount of joie de vivre. It also takes a good guidebook!

Paris When It Giggles is the inspirational handbook parents should read before traveling to the City of Light. While many guides specialize solely in logistics, Paris When It Giggles is a city guide, picture book, pep talk and travelogue all rolled into one pretty little package! 

Filled with true stories, useful tips, dreamy illustrations and inspiring ideas, this honest, funny and sentimental guide is like a conversation with a travel-savvy friend—complete with photos, useful advice and funny anecdotes.

Written and illustrated by good friends Jill Coody Smits and Virginia Shurgar Hassell, this charming, must-have guide is in a genre all its own.

It begins with a sweet show-and-tell of a family trip to Paris, segues into a witty “Guide Turistique” that includes arrondissement-specific tips, and ends with a thoughtfully curated compilation of books, movies and songs to engage little travelers.

In addition to beautifully illustrating what families can expect as they experience highlights like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Luxembourg Gardens, the handbook provides a first-person perspective on the ups and downs of Paris with kids. 

Paris When It Giggles was designed to convince reluctant parents that the magic of Paris is best experienced with their littlest travel companions in tow!


Feeling grateful after a family trip to Paris, Austin freelance writer Jill Coody Smits wrote Paris When It Giggles because she wanted other parents to know just how awesome an “adult” city could be with kids.

In addition to blogging about her family’s trips abroad and around the U.S., Jill writes about human rights, business, health and psychology for a variety of publications.

Jill’s friend Virginia beautifully illustrated the story, giving it a lovely, sweet elegance that will appeal to anyone who loves Paris. She lives in Dripping Springs with her children, husband, dog and the Texas hills.    

The very talented and witty Jill —and her lovely family, Jasper and Stella — used to be our next door neighbors. But Austin called them to the Texas Hill Country a couple of years ago, and do we miss them!

I am so honored and excited to be able to offer the Pretty Things & Cool Stuff community Jill's first book — Paris When It Giggles! And I can't wait for her next one! 

Jill's work joins a very informative and inspiring book about exercise already in the shop by her husband and noted psychologist Jasper Smits.

And you will do a double-take at the whimsically beautiful and trés unique collection of hand-cut, hand-colored hearts by Jill's sister, Dana. 

Such a talented family! I wonder if they would adopt me!

  • Condition: New, paperback
  • Number of pages, 48, with illustrations
  • Publisher: Blue Seed Publications
  • Published: September 2014
  • ISBN-13:  978-0692293584
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.1 x 8.5 inches

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