Tea: A Global History - Helen Saberi

From chai to oolong to sencha, tea is one of the world’s most popular beverages. Not only is it a unique and adaptable drink, you can experience the intricate traditions of Japanese teahouses to the elegant tearooms of Britain to the verandas of the deep South, wherever you are.

Tea: A Global History explores the rich and fascinating history of the drink consumed in many different varieties by cultures across the globe. Food historian and author, Helen Saberi (see About the Author below), looks at the economic and social uses of tea, explores where and how tea is grown around the world and how customs and traditions surrounding the beverage have evolved from its legendary origins to its present-day popularity.

Tea: A Global History, features vivid images of teacups, plants, tearooms, and teahouses as well as recipes for both drinking tea and using it as a flavoring.

Tea: A Global History is a highly readable, engaging book, one best enjoyed while sipping a cup of tea oneself.

As English grandmothers say, a good cuppa tea puts the world to right!


  • Condition: New in New dust jacket. Glued binding. Paper over boards
  • Edition: First Edition - Published October 15, 2010
  • Publisher: Reaktion Books / London
  • ISBN-13: 978-1861897763
  • ISBN-10 1861897766
  • Pages: 183
  • Rating:★★★★★ (See FAQs)
  • Helen Saberi is the author of Noshe Djan: Afghan Food and Cookery. She assisted the late Alan Davidson in the completion of his Oxford Companion to Food and was co-author of Trifle. She is also co-author, with David Burnett, of The Road to Vindaloo: Curry Cooks and Curry Books.

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