DESEO Cocoa and Orange Crunch Cookies / Biscuits — From Prato, Tuscany, Italy

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We think these DESEO Chocolate and Orange Crunch Cookies / Biscuits are just about perfect, especially if you want to immediately taste the ideal balance of premium cocoa and Italian oranges with a just-right, light crispy crunch when you take your first bite.

Your tastebuds will be delighted with the immediate burst of flavor from the real ingredients in these melt-in-your-mouth cookies / biscuits. Think freshly squeezed juice from Italian oranges and premium cocoa painstakingly blended with Italian pure butter and flour, then baked by artisans who are part of the centuries-old Tuscan tradition (see story below) of making delicious cookies and biscuits loved around the world.

Taste the bright, authentic flavors of these DESEO Chocolate and Orange Crunch Cookies / Biscuits, and you will never want to disappoint your tastebuds again with the flat, too-sweet taste of highly processed sugar, faux flavors and chemical preservatives that can dominate other's ingredients lists. 

Crunch! These delicate, butter-with-cocoa-and orange biscuits have a pleasantly crumbly texture that goes beautifully with tea, coffee, milks of all kind, ice cream, and they also make amazing pie crusts. And, they are so yummy to eat alone, bite by bite by bite.


Ingredients: Sugar, Italian wheat flour, Italian butter, 20% cocoa powder and 8% orange juice.

Size: 4 oucnes / 115 grams

Origin: Prato, Tuscany, Italy

Deseo Biscotti Francesco Pandolfini

Being part of the family that has owned and operated centuries-old Antonio Mattei, — Italy's standard bearer for authentic biscotti / cantucci / cantuccini — for generations, certainly makes Francesco Pandolfini an heir of the ancient Tuscan baking tradition. With the desire to have an artisanal baking workshop, he founded Deseo in 2001.

In Italy, DESEO is known for its innovative combinations of high-quality, natural ingredients. The resulting sophisticated and delicious cookies are quickly becoming beloved worldwide.

"Our hands and our heart play a leading role in our company. We select with care our ingredients, and use artisanal working methods to offer great tasting, natural biscuits with no preservatives for the pleasure of your taste buds."

DESEO's biscuits are handmade and baked on a daily basis, sharing a philosophy of quality and authenticity that does not permit the use of any type of preservative, or oils with negative effects on health and environment. Its primary focus is to create well-balanced and tasty biscuits with excellence of the ingredients, natural flavors, handmade working methods and traditional cooking systems.