Dr. Smood Organic Cacao Powder Superfood

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Our Dr. Smood Raw Cacao Powder Superfood originates from the highly regarded Arriba Nacional beans, which are known for their quality, aroma, and flavor. Worthy of its description as "food of the gods and goddesses," cacao was sacred to the Aztec, Mayans, and Toltec people.

It is an anti-aging and cell-protecting antioxidant, and its other benefits include:

  • Promotes beautiful skin, nails, and hair. 
  • Protects from environmental and metabolic toxins. 
  • Resists and repairs damage that free radicals create. 
  • Increases serotonin, sense of well-being, focus and alertness. 
  • Provides a youthful glow by increasing cellular healing.

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