Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!!!! These 32% butter cookies are unadulterated perfection! 

These delicious all-butter Shortbread biscuits certainly do their Scottish legacy proud. Proper Shortbread made the traditional way with sugar and lashings of butter, a triumph of simplicity in an over-complicated world.

Perfect with coffee, tea, hot chocolate or any time just because, these one-is-never-enough All-Butter Shortbread Cookies from Reids of Caithness in Scotland are impossible to resist. Their light, buttery flavor combined with the perfect sugar-crystal sweetness will make tea time or treat time a must in any time zone.

Baked with love and perfection, these Shortbread biscuits contain more real, pure Scottish butter than your average shortbread – not to mention a good dose of Scottish charm.

Since 1966, Reids has built its reputation by handcrafting these authentic shortbread cookies using time-honored baking methods and good, pure local ingredients that are free of trans fats—and better yet, no margarine. Despite being battered by butter shortages in Scotland, maker Gary Reid refused to compromise quality and didn’t reduce the percentages of butter nor change his made-to-order practices.

The unique quality of Scottish butter makes these biscuits as captivating and special as the unique corner of the world where they are created.

Set within the historic town of Thurso at the topmost tip of Scotland you’ll find a family-run bakery that has made its mark around the world. For half a century, Reids of Caithness has established not only an enduring association with its beautiful coastal home, but a global reputation for outstanding quality and taste.

Crowned Scottish Baker of the Year for 2016/2017 and 2017/2018, Reids of Caithness has combined a local, time-honored tradition of handcrafted, slow baking in small batches with using good, pure local ingredients —free of trans fats and no margarine — to create the most mouth-watering shortbread!

And that's why His Royal Highness Charles, Prince of Wales, often makes personal visits to Reids when he is at nearby Balmoral.

These delectable biscuits are absolutely delightful alone. And when paired with your favorite tea, hot chocolate, coffee, jam, fresh fruit, sherry, dry Champagne or dessert wine, you will understand why Time does seem to pause a bit, and why one All-Butter Shortbread Cookie from Reids of Caithness definitely will not be enough!


Ingredients: Wheat flour, Scottish butter, sugar, corn flour

Size: 10.58 ounces / 300 grams

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