BBC Training Manuals: Documentaries - From Script to Screen

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Back in the 80's, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was the end all and be all for television documentaries. In many respects, that continues to hold up even in today's television landscape. This collector's item BBC Training Manual: Documentaries From Script to Screen gives a really cool inside look at how 'The Corporation' went about making the best television on television.

Presented in a simple but comprehensive format, From Script to Screen is a step-back-in-time look at an individual producer's how-to approach to making a documentary program from the time of the first idea right up to the initial screening. Whether made in-studio or on location, the essentials of television documentary making is the same

Then Head of BBC Television Training, Gordon Croton (see About the Author below), has compiled the A-Z's of 'making TV' including the initial steps before production even begins with the Stages of Production and Who are the Television Programmes For. From there, we move to the Idea and the Treatment. Unfortunately, you can't go any farther until that ever-important evil 'Budget' discussion comes in to play.

With today's technology, there are a limitless number of aspiring young television producers eager to, well, produce. BBC Training Manual: Documentaries From Script to Screen is a nostalgia look at the laying of the groundwork for even the most seasoned and confident documentary producers who will remember a time early in their career when 'they didn't know what they didn't know'.

BBC Training Manual: Documentaries From Script to Screen is an out-of-print must collectable for anyone that owns a television, watches television or produces for television.


  • Condition: Paperback in good to very good condition. Very minor edge wear with crease in upper left corner of back cover. Front cover is generally unmarked. Internal text has minor note-taking and underlining of sentences.
  • Edition: Second Edition - Published 1989
  • Publisher: BBC Television Training / England
  • ISBN-13 9780948694103
  • ISBN-10 0-984-69410-6
  • Pages: 36
  • Rating:★★★★ (See FAQs)
  • Gordon Croton began his career in broadcasting as a free-lance writer back in 1957. In 1962, he joined BBC Radio in 1962 as a producer. In 1964 he transferred to BBC Television producing educational and documentary films. In all, Croton has written and directed over 130 films for the BBC. He became Head of Television Training in 1980.