Air Guitar: A User's Guide - What Every Axeman Needs to Know — Bruno MacDonald

Freddie Mercury did it. Hormone-addled adolescents do it. Grown men do it in the privacy of their own homes (and, sometimes, in dark public gatherings)—and now you, too, can take your first step toward becoming a master axeman. All you need to know is here in Air Guitar: A User's Guide - What Every Axeman Needs to Know.

Budding air guitarists looking to channel their inner Yngwie Malmsteen or Eddie Van Halen will likely find rock writer MacDonald's (Pink Floyd: Through the Eyes of the Band, Its Fans, Friends, and Foes) guide to shredding without an instrument to be a tremendous source of inspiration and encouragement, as he walks would-be axemen (and axewomen) through the many dos and don'ts of this "ageless" and "universal" pastime.

Advice is practical: make sure nobody's home and the door's locked when practicing, check to see if you've got enough clearance before attempting a slide a la Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

And comical: if you're going to "smash" your guitar at the end of the performance, make sure you've chosen a song that doesn't fade out, and steer clear of "Furrowed Brow Frowning" and jewelry (unless you're Slash or Keith Richards).

Though his song choices are questionable at times—Ozzy Osbourne's "Steal Away the Night" instead of "Crazy Train," and of all the songs in The Ramones' great catalogue, he picks "Durango '95"—MacDonald's mostly straight-faced study of a frequently comedic (though always impassioned) impulse is the next best thing to watching a friend tear it up to "Back in Black." 

Air Guitar: A User's Guide includes:

  • Illustrated Dos and Don'ts (and even accessories—from how to choose the "axe" that's best for you, to onstage tips).
  • A guide to air guitar moves, graded by difficulty, from learner to master axeman level
  • 50 fret-fondling favorites to play—plus ten to avoid at all costs
  • It's never too early or too late to start strumming.

All you need is a copy of Air Guitar: A User's Guide - What Every Axeman Needs to Know and a belief in the power of rock!


  • Condition: New. Hardcover
  • Edition: First Edition - Published April 2012
  • Publisher: Insight Editions, LLC
  • ISBN-13: 9781608870714
  • Pages: 80, illustrations throughout
  • Dimensions: 7.20 (w) x 7.10 (h) x 0.40 (d)
  • Rating:★★★★★ (See FAQs)
  • Bruno MacDonaldwrote Omnibus'Rock Connections, and coedited Cassell's 1001 Songs You Must Hear Before You Dieand 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

    He has contributed to books including Guinness'British Hit Singlesand Rockopedia, and Rock: The Rough Guide. His Pink Floyd Through the Eyes Of The Band, published in 1997, is still in print in the United States. Bruno has advocated amnesty for air guitarists since being taken to see Kiss at the age of eleven.

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