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ARTISAN CRAFTED IN HAITI — Recycled Oil Drum Heart Ornament - Curves on Curves — BY Serge Jolimeau and Josnel Bruno

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This is definitely a heart you want to have and to hold. 

Globally recognized Haitian artist Serge Jolimeau handcrafted this heart from recycled oil drums. After flattening the drums, he uses hammers and chisels to cut the metal into fantastical designs with his signature curving forms.

To add texture, he often uses handmade engraving tools to emboss and deboss the surfaces of his sculptures to create unique and endearing works of art. 

The handcrafted design on this heart can be enjoyed from either side, and the ornament is of a good weight. 

A beautiful way to show love every day of the year.

You can see more of Serge's hearts here and here


Materials: Heart made from recycled oil drums and hangs from a raffia ribbon

Dimensions: 4 1/8" inches W  X 4 1/8" inches L


Serge Jolimeau


Serge Jolimeau is from Haiti, and is recognized internationally for his beautiful sculptures handcrafted from recycled oil drums. 

As a child, Serge Jolimeau was inspired to create art by watching the blacksmiths in his neighborhood. He learned metalwork from the Louis Juste brothers in Croix des Bouquets, which is famous for its many metal workshops creating art in a diversity of styles.

Serge's work has been shown at the Brooklyn Museum and at LACITA in Biarritz, France. He also mentors young artists in the metal arts, allowing them use of his shop.

Josnel Bruno


Josnel was an apprentice to master Serge Jolimeau and is now a metalworker in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti. 

He describes himself as a “difficult child” who only found purpose once he was taught metalworking. His hammered, chiseled, punched, and incised bowls and platters represent yet another innovation within the tradition that now defines Josnel’s community to the world.