GONNA LOVE THIS! Drinking Lid by Cuppow + Ball Mason Jar Bundle - 16 oz. or 24 oz. Tall Boy

I SOOOOO love these way-cool-in-so-many-ways Drinking Lids made by the very creative folks at Cuppow! 

I have been trying to reduce the plastic used in our home. One of my biggest challenges was finding a good way to drink beverages throughout the day while working on Pretty Things & Cool Stuff(translation: something that won't spill over everything if accidentally knocked over). I try to drink a lot of water and herbal tea, and I like mine iced. And there are times I really want to have some good, freshly brewed coffee to sip and savor. I had BPA-free tumblers, but I still wanted something better.

Well, when I discovered the Cuppow Drinking Lid, I yelled: "That's it!" Really! (Same thing I did when I saw the BNTO Lunchbox Adaptor - and what my husband did when I showed it to him!)

I could use a high-quality glass Ball Mason jar, fill it up with the beverage of my choice - hot or cold - put on the Cuppow Drinking Lid and then screw on the jar ring for keep everything nice and tight and unspillable!

So, now my "glass" is really glass, and the small lid is made from recycled stock of food-grade plastic that is free of BPA, phthalates and BPS! I'm using less ice because because my new "mug" is keeping beverages colder longer, and it's easy to take with me wherever I go. Also, the idea of using a classic Mason jar that can have other uses is a very nice plus! 

Watch the video above, and look at the pictures to the left, and I know you will have a "That's it!. I have to have it!" moment, too!

AND, to make it really easy for you, we have bundled the wide-mouth Drinking Lid by Cuppow with your choice of either a 16 oz. high-quality Ball Mason Jar or a 24 oz. Tall Boy Ball Mason Jar. You can make your selection above. (Guinness not included!)

If you just want the Drinking Lid by Cuppow, check this out. And, if you love the Drinking Lid by Cuppow, then I know you definitely will want to get the BNTO Lunchbox / Snackbox Adaptor or the BNTO Bundle.

Here is the backstory on Cuppow's sweet little drinking lid that just proves simplicity is genius!

CUPPOW began as our solution for easier drinking from a canning jar. The canning jar already makes an awesome platform for a travel mug: it’s easy to clean, made of heat-resistant glass, cheap, durable, and when sealed it doesn’t leak. The only problem is that with their large openings, canning jars are not great for spill-free sipping while on the move. So we adapted it - made new lids that lets us drink like a boss from virtually any wide or regular mouth canning jar. It’s a simple eco-friendly alternative to poor-performing and messy disposable hot cups, and over-built and expensive travel mugs.


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