ARTIST HANDCRAFTED – Dana's Hand-Cut, Hand-Colored Heart Full Heart No. 3

Love for sale! Some people are just born happy…and creative.

Dana Lucas-Lederberger is one of those rare, hearts-and-flowers, glass-half-full artists who creates objects that manage to be fun and whimsical without a hint of trite or sappy.

The idea for these gorgeous hand-cut valentines was born when Dana taught high school art and theater on a $900 annual budget. What started out as a cheap student project led to many moments of zen achieved with paper, scissors, vision, patience and a steady hand.

A truly cool and artful token of your affection born in a moment of happiness — I can’t think of a better way to wish someone much happiness and love, whether for a wedding, anniversary, or for the best reason of all — just because...


  • Original artwork by Dana Lucas-Ledergerber 
  • Dimensions: 12" inches X 12" inches
  • Each original design is hand drawn and hand cut with a knife. Each then is hand colored using oil pastels. Check out the close-up images to the left to see the handcrafted details.
  • The colors of each unique, handmade piece may vary a bit from the images shown here because of differences in screen displays and resolutions.
  • Each piece of art can take up to seven days for Dana to create, so please make note of that when ordering and when selecting level, timing of delivery service. Please feel free to contact us at for more information about artwork creation timeline. 

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