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ESPEROS - Caraway Market / Books / Beach / Use-Your-Imagination Tote with Detachable Carry Case

$36.95 USD

ESPEROS means Hope in Spanish

And the purchase of each ESPEROS bag helps fund one year of education for a child in the developing world.

The seed for ESPEROS was planted after founder Oliver Shuttlesworth came back from a trip to Central America. After seeing the debilitating effects of extreme poverty on children there, he resolved to create a sustainable solution that would help children prepare themselves to build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

After Oliver discovered that more than 75 million children in the developing world don't have access to education and that the cost of annual tuition cost for a child was as little as $15 USD, he knew he had to find a way to help.

In 2012, Austin-based ESPEROS began selling designing and selling quality backpacks and other book bags with the commitment that one bag sold would help fund a year of tuition for one child.

ESPEROS works with in partnership with selected nonprofits such as Pencils of Promise to help provide the needed education. But they don't stop there. ESPEROS also is working with local merchants in the villages in which they operate to help stimulate growth and create jobs. 

When you purchase an ESPEROS bag, you have the unique opportunity to really change the life of a child — and its community — for the better 

You aren't simply buying a bag: You CARRY HOPE. ( Look at the photos to the left to see CARRY HOPE on one side of the tote.)

And, Esperos honors its mission with a deep, daily commitment to the design and quality of its bags and to the ethics, integrity and social responsibility of its operations — See the More Reasons We Love Esperos tab below.

Now you know why I knew that we had to carry ESPEROS bags at Pretty Things & Cool Stuff!

This ESPEROS canvas market tote is the perfect solution for so many uses — for visits to the farmers market or grocery, and shopping and traveling, and beach towels, sunscreen and books, and much more — just use your imagination!  

And, if you are in a city that has an ordinance against single-use bags — we now have one in Dallas - YAY! — you really will love this Market Tote as your take-anywhere-holds-alot-looks-great-go-to bag!

The Caraway color ESPEROS canvas Market Tote Bag is designed to get you where you're going and carry what you need in style. It will quickly become your new favorite companion because it seamlessly blends fashion and function for practical use.

The ESPEROS Market Tote also includes a very handy detachable carry case that can hold smartphone, to pens to passport, and it is made of 14-ounce cotton duck canvas, which makes it very durable and also washable.

And remember, every tote bag sold helps fund one year of education for a child in the developing world. 

A perfect choice for so many reasons!

The Finer Points:

Market Tote

  • Size: 4" x 14" x 5"
  • Material: 14 oz. cotton duck canvas
  • Inside: Extra sturdy 1.5" cotton webbing
  • Handle: 8.5" Handle Drop (fits comfortably on the shoulder)
  • Snap closures, designed to accommodate the detachable ESPEROS Carry Case, which is included
  • Screen print of trademark ESPEROS sparrow on one side and CARRY HOPE on the other in Off White

Carry Case 

  • Size: 7.5" wide x 5" tall
  • Material: 14 oz. cotton duck canvas
  • YKK Zipper
  • Attaches to inside of Market Tote with snap closures
  • Screen printed in Off White with the trademark ESPEROS sparrow.

    Our Design Philosophy — Proudly designed in Austin, TX, our bags offer a unique blend of style, function and durability at an affordable price. Our design philosophy is simple: to create timeless products that to appeal to everyone from teens to retirees.

    We combine clean lines and simple shapes to create a classic yet distinctive look that you can wear anywhere. Whether you’re booking it to class, lounging at the beach, mulling over ideas at your favorite coffee shop or attending a business meeting, ESPEROS bags are right for every occasion.

    Each bag has thoughtfully planned pockets, attachments and compartments to ensure that they are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional.

    Ethically Manufactured —We care as much about the quality of our products as the integrity of the manufacturing process. While it would be easy to cut corners in production to keep costs lower, we believe you get what you pay for. That's why we’re committed to working with manufacturing partners we know and trust.

    That means using high quality materials, adhering to ethical workplace standards and paying workers comfortable, living wages. We believe relationships matter, so we treat those we work with the way we'd like to be treated. In fact, most of our partners know us by our first name and we consider them friends.


    Quality Materials — Our products are made with durable, fine-aging canvas. The material itself is sturdy but lightweight for effortless travel and durability. Waterproof, stain resistant, and machine washable, our canvas bags epitomize easy maintenance.

    In sourcing our fabrics, we have chosen to work with cotton mills that have been fine-tuning their craft for nearly a century. We are also proud to use fabrics that are free from harmful treatments, chemicals, and dyes.

    Whether you are a student, a parent, or a young professional, our high quality bags will reliably get you through your day no matter where you need to go (or what you need to carry).

    Why Canvas? — The best thing about canvas is that the more often the bag is used, the better it looks and feels. The material conforms to you, your habits and your lifestyle.

    While bags made from polyester and nylon tend to degrade over time as they suffer from wear and tear with use, our canvas ensures that your bag will often get better with time. Combined with our timeless designs, that means that even as fashions come and go, your bag will remain classic and current.