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Ooooh! So pretty, feminine and eye-catchingingly unique!

This stunning scarf/shawl was handmade by 7 Sisters, a very talented family of sisters from Kygyrsktan who use the traditional, labor-intensive Kyrgyz "ala-kiyiz" technique that combines delicate, airy, handwoven silk with two layers of felted Kyrgyz wool.

For thirteen years, the sisters have worked together, pressing vibrant felt into the rippling designs that tell stories of their culture. The process is extremely labor-intensive, requiring intricate cutting and stitching, as well as multiple soakings, rollings, and rinsings. And the result is a beautiful piece of unique and very wearable art.

7 Sisters has received seven UNESCO Award of Excellence commendations for its superior work.

Inspired by the harmony of the flora and fauna in Kyrgyzstan, the flower design is patterned, cut from the felted wool and "wheeled" or layered onto the silk. Once rolled and immersed in soapy water the felt adheres to the silk. The final step is dyeing. 

Slight imperfections and color variations are inherent in this handmade piece and add to its charm.  

These beautiful and delicate scarves are made with local raw materials, including natural dyes, sheep’s wool and handmade yarn from sheep from Kyrgyzstan, as well as silk from the southern regions of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

7 SistersAncient Kyrgyz worshiped the forces of nature, the sun and fire. "Our scarves depict flora and fauna in signs and symbols that have sacred meanings,” said Farzana Sharshembieva, the oldest of the seven sisters.  “Patterns celebrate the beauty of nature, which has magical value that protects and blesses.”

The sisters represents the sixth generation of artisans in their family. 

"People who wear our scarves carry with them a part of our culture, and the warmth of our hands, love and blessings." 

Simply beautiful, on so many levels — especially when wrapped around your shoulders!


7 Sisters Silk and Felted Wool Gray, Black & White Flower-Patterned Long Scarf/Shawl

Material: Silk, hand-felted wool

Handmade in: Kygyrsktan

Measurements: 79"L x 24"W