LOCALLY GROWN & CRAFTED — Sweet Nut Thangs — Texas Honeybee Guild

The name says it all — sweet and nutty!

Take raw, unfiltered Blackland Prairie honey from the Texas Honeybee Guild and mix with fresh Texas pecans for a very tasty treat! 

Spoon it over brie, your favorite ice cream or mix it with yogurt. Spread over pancakes or waffles. Use your imagination because each jar of Sweet Nut Thangs is 8 oz./ounces of pure Yuuuuuuum!

Ingredients: raw, unfiltered, local honey, Texas pecans.

Looking for the perfect pairing for Sweet Nut Thangs? Take a look at these beautiful, original hand-cut, hand-colored Heart Full hearts . What a wonderful way to say, "Bee Mine!" to your Honey!

We are so very happy to be carrying such yummy goodies from urban bee wranglers Susan and Brandon Pollard, founders of the Texas Honeybee Guild! You can see them at work in the picture to the left, which was taken by Danny Fulgencio as part of the Spring 2013 Edible DFW cover story on Susan and Brandon. Read it here!

They are  tirelessly committed, selfness and much-loved advocates for the incredibly embattled and endangered bee population. Proceeds from their bee-made goodies — such as the Whupped Honey and Sweet Nut Thangs we have here — go to support their education and advocacy efforts to protect and save bees, which are absolutely ESSENTIAL to our food supply and overall health! 

  • 85% of plants exist because of bees
  • Bees are responsible for food quality and safety. We can thank these hard-working pollinators for as much as one-third of ALL food we eat. Think about it — bees are responsible for one in every three bites of food we eat!
  • Each teaspoon of honey takes takes an average of 12 bees to make, and the average life of a honey bee is only 40 days.

Watch these videos to learn more from Brandon about our very precious bees:


IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not give honey in any form to infants.