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Maglio Amore Di Nonna Dark Chocolate Spread - 220 grams, 7.8 ounces — ARTISAN MADE IN SALENTO, ITALY

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Chocolate is joy.

Yes it is! We believe it wholeheartedly at Pretty Things & Cool Stuff, and so does the Italian family that makes this decadent Maglio Amore Di Nonna Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Spread.

The rich dark chocolate dances decadently with the Italian hazelnut in this spread to make your tastebuds swoon and to put a big smile on your face. Spread it on anything you think will be made better with chocolate and hazelnuts. Or, just scoop some from the jar and enjoy it by the spoonful!

The great care that goes into the production of Maglio chocolate is shown by the choice of raw ingredients, including only the highest-quality cocoa beans which have been sustainably produced.

Maglio has a proud history. Established in 1850 in the centre of Maglie, in the heart of Salento, this family company has created an extraordinary heritage of confectionary making for 145 years and counting. Tradition and passion for this work has been passed down through the family, from father and mother to child.

All of this guarantees that customers always get unique and genuine products of the highest - and continuously improving - quality from Maglio's artisan workshop, that also utilizes the latest technology to help get every bit of flavor possible from the cocoa beans and hazelnuts.

Maglio's overall ethical approach includes care for the environment, respect for workers and support for sustainable development. 

Maglio believes this and hopes that the company's products bring happiness to all people who love the food of the gods.

We do, so of course, we had to bring you their every soooo delish Amore di Nonna Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Spread! Try it, you really will love it!


Ingredients: 45% Giffoni IGP hazelnut paste, cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa powder, soy lecithin as emulsifier. May contain traces of milk proteins and lactose. Made from sustainably grown cocoa.

Origin: Salento, Italy

Gluten Free: Yes

Size: 220 grams / 7.8 ounces