The Perfect Pie Dish (9.5" inches) — BY MASON CASH

Over the years, we have all been fortunate enough to have both gone to and graduated from the school of soggy base pastry, burnt bases and pastry shrinkage when trying to make "the perfect pie".

The good news is that Mason Cash has been helping home bakers avoid needless culinary catastrophes and graduate with honors for over 200 years making them THE choice of home cooks and bakers for centuries.

The Mason Cash 24cm Round Perfect Pie Dish has been developed to provide perfect results for any home baker. Measuring L 240 mm / 9" x W 240 mm / 9" x H 45 mm / 1.75", it is made from quality stoneware and features embossed corrugated ridges on the inside of each dish to ensure perfect results every time.


  • The Vented Base - a pie will bake more evenly when place on a flat baking tray when in the oven. Air must then be allowed to circulate underneath the dish to allow for heat conduction. The unique base design with raised feet allows heat circulation and ventilation. Perfect heat circulation results in perfect pies.
  • Embossed Interior - The embossed corrugated ridges on the inside of each dish provides improved heat distribution underneath the pastry allowing a more even bake, better browning and an easier release from the base.
  • The Pastry Anchor - Pastry contains fats and through evaporation has a tendency to shrink when baked. The embossed pattern on the rim allows the pastry to grip to the rim and helps prevent pastry from shrinking and slumping back inside the dish.
Care & Use
  • Microwave Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Freezer Safe
  • Conventional Oven Safe

The origins of Mason Cash can be traced back to a pottery operating around 1800 at Church Gresley located in the heart of England close to all the raw material and fuel sources required to make ceramics.

With the Mason Cash 24cm Round Perfect Pie Dish, you'll get perfect pies ever time and never ever have a soggy or burnt bottom again. 

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