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REQUEST FULFILLMENT ONLY - LIMITED NUMBER, AUTOGRAPHED COPY — Making Poldark: Memoir of a BBC/Masterpiece Theatre Actor — BY ROBIN ELLIS (the original Poldark)

$15.00 USD

UPDATE - OCT. 17 - For those who have emailed requests for an autographed copy of "Making Poldark" from Oct. 5 through Oct. 15, we will be ready to start shipping them to you by the end of this week. THOSE REQUESTS WILL BE FILLED FIRST, AND THAT IS WHAT THIS PAGE IS FOR. 

We are so very excited to be able to offer you a copy of  the newly updated edition of "Making Poldark" with a book plate personally signed by British television and theatre actor Robin Ellis, who originally played Captain Ross Poldark! (See an EXAMPLE of a signed book below. Robin signed these at his home in southwestern France before leaving to go back to Cornwall to being filming of Series 3 of "Poldark", so the style of the book plate he signed may vary from the one in the photo.)

And, thanks to Robin, what an honor it is to be the only book shop in the world to have a limited number of these special, autographed books! What a great gift idea — for someone special or yourself!

And, get your autographed copy of Robin's delicious and good-for-you cookbook — Mediterranean Cooking for Diabetics: Delicious Dishes to Control or Avoid Diabetes by clicking here 

Some 40 years before Irish actor Aidan Turner began turning viewers' heads while traversing the Cornwall coast on horseback as Captain Russ Poldark on PBS' popular Masterpiece series, British actor Robin Ellis started hearts throbbing as Poldark, in the original, BBC One drama series that drew huge UK and US audiences in the mid-70s. (See photos to the left!)

And with the premiere of the second season of PBS's Poldark (Sunday, September 25th) comes Ellis' returns as the grumpy Rev. Dr. Halse in this new TV adaptation of Winston Graham's Poldark novels. (See the fourth and fifth photos in the series to the left.)

Making Poldark is Ellis' behind-the-scenes memoir of 1975 through 1977 when he was the handsome star of the BBC's Poldark, which was one of the most successful classic series in BBC history. Ellis and the series became an international sensation in more than 40 countries. (The original series remains a favorite on DVD, entertaining and enchanting new generations of global viewers.)

And, Making Poldark is newly updated with details and on-set photos of his involvement with the new PBS series. 

The book features photographs from author Winston Graham’s personal Poldark album and photos from Ellis' own private collection, including all-new photos from the 2015 Poldark shoot on location in the West Country in southwest England. 

Ellis also tells about the ongoing effect of "Poldark perks" on his life and his transformation into a cookbook author. 


  • Condition: New, Paperback 
  • Edition: Second Edition - Published April 17, 2015
  • Publisher: Palo Alto Publishing
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-9839398-7-0
  • Pages: 182
  • Rating:★★★★ (See FAQs)
  • ROBIN ELLIS has enjoyed a long and successful career in British television and theatre, including a stint with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

    Robin Ellis Making PoldarkInspired by a lifelong passion for cooking plus a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes, Ellis wrote his first cookbook, Delicious Dishes for Diabetics: A Mediterranean Way of Eating, in 2011. His second cookbook, Healthy Eating for Life, published in 2014, is designed to help people eat more healthily without sacrificing good taste. And his third book, Mediterranean Cooking for Diabetics, is an updated and expanded version of his first cookbook, and it was published this year, 2016.

    Ellis blogs regularly at on food, cooking and life in rural, southwest France, where he lives with his American-born wife. He also leads popular healthy cooking workshops in Lautrec, France, famous for its pink garlic festival.