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ARTISAN CRAFTED — Walnut and Maple Inlaid End-Grain Cocktail Garnish/Herbs Cutting Board — By Edge of the Woods

$25.00 USD

Ah yes! This beautiful, one-of-a-kind cutting board is the perfect companion for creating the finishing touches for your handcrafted cocktails or for some quick chopping of herbs and other aromatics for a favorite recipe. And, It is locally handcrafted by Edge Of The Woods. 

The meticulously cut and handcrafted inlaid pattern of maple and walnut hard woods give this truly unique cutting board its eye-catching good looks. Its convenient size also saves storage space, but we bet you won't want to keep this looker hidden away!

And, in addition, this is an end-grain cutting board, the preference of many chefs and cooking professionals.  

End grain means that the wood fibers run up and down as opposed to sideways. When a knife strikes the surface of and end-grain board, the wood fibers actually separate, and the knife slips down between them. The fibers then close — or "heal" — when the knife is removed. This gives the board a greater tolerance for chopping, and it helps to keep knife edges sharper and leaves fewer knife marks on the cutting board's surface.


This cutting board measures 7 3/4"inches Long x 5 1/4"inches Wide x 1" inch Deep.  

Basic Rules of Care

  • Never use a serrated knife as it will tear into the surface of the board, slicing off the top of the wood fibers, leading to deep gouges.
  • Rinse with a mild detergent & water. Never wash your board in a dishwasher or soak in the sink. Dry the board immediately and set upright to dry.
  • Keep your board well oiled. When the board starts to feel dry, apply about a beeswax / carnauba wax / mineral oil finish on each side and allow to air dry. A well-maintained board may need a little touch-up each month, especially in dry climates.


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