Dorie's Cookies — By Dorie Greenspan

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"That sound you hear is holiday bakers clapping"
— Los Angeles Times

“Dorie has written the perfect book to satisfy the Cookie Monster in all of us. These recipes are both classic and inventive and totally delicious.”
— Ina Garten, Barefoot Contessa cookbooks and television

“Close your eyes and dream up your wildest, most delicious cookie. Now, open 'em up. Abracadabra! There's your cookie, right here in Dorie’s stunning new book.”
— Nancy Silverton, James Beard Outstanding Chef

“As comprehensively crumbly as you’d expect from Dorie. Her enthusiasm and knowledge are so complete that you just want to put down whatever you are doing and bake a batch of perfect cookies.”
— Yotam Ottolenghi, chef, author,  Plenty More

“I came to know Dorie through her insanely delicious cookies before I fell for her as a hip-as-heck (baking) goddess. Her exacting technique and clever palate make any recipe that comes out of her oven or yours true perfection.”
— Christina Tosi, Chef/Founder/Owner Milk Bar

“There's no one we'd rather have at our side as we work our way through this formidable roster of cookies and their various kin than the indefatigable Dorie Greenspan. She’s there with us on every page, nudging us forth with a wink and a grin—and in signature Dorie style, with a parade of indispensable tips to ensure we reach dessert nirvana.”
— Merrill Stubbs and Amanda Hesser, Food 52

“This may be my favorite collection of cookies ever!”
— David Lebovitz, author, My Paris Kitchen

Over the course of her baking career, Dorie Greenspan has created more than 300 cookie recipes. Yet she has never written a book about them—until now. To merit her “three purple stars of approval,” every cookie had to be so special that it begged to be made again and again.

Cookies for every taste and occasion are here among the more than 300 recipes in Dorie's Cookies. There are company treats like Portofignos, with chocolate dough and port-soaked figs, and lunch-box Blueberry Buttermilk Pie Bars. They Might Be Breakfast Cookies are packed with goodies—raisins, dried apples, dried cranberries, and oats— while Almond Crackle Cookies have just three ingredients.

There are dozens of choices for the Christmas cookie swaps, including Little Rascals (German jam sandwich cookies with walnuts), Italian Saucissons (chocolate log cookies studded with dried fruit), and Snowy-Topped Brownie Drops.

And who but America’s favorite baker could devise a cookie as intriguing as Pink-Peppercorn Thumbprints or as popular as the World Peace Cookie, with its 59 million Internet fans?

Greenspan, the IACP and James Beard award–winning chef and New York Times bestselling cookbook author, admits in the introduction to Dorie's Cookies that she has wanted to create an all-cookie cookbook since she wrote her first book in 1991.

It may have taken Greenspan a while to finally give fans the gift of an all-cookie cookbook, but it was worth the wait, as it encompasses all of her influences over the years: the techniques and flavors learned at Julia Child’s side, years working with Parisian patissier Pierre Herme, and recipes from the pop-up shop she and her son ran.

Fans of Greenspan’s other cookbooks will be pleased by the variety of recipes. There are elaborate sandwich cookies, humble drop cookies, and revisions of chocolate chip cookies. A chapter in Dorie's Cookies is devoted to savory cookies offers, among other unexpected treats, honey–blue cheese madeleines and spicy togarashi meringues.

Unexpected and magnificent-sounding creations such as a Thanksgiving bar, made with homemade cranberry jam and fresh raspberries sandwiched between a crust made from cocoa-walnut shortbread remind readers that Greenspan is, let’s say it, the cookie savant of our time.

Recipes in Dorie's Cookies, as always the case with Greenspan’s recipes, are thorough enough to allow an unsure baker to find success. Accomplished bakers will be challenged and inspired by the breadth of recipes and the many suggestions Greenspan offers throughout the book to modify recipes.

The book concludes with refreshingly uncommon chapters for "cocktail cookies" and "cookie go-alongs and basics" such as ice creams, sauces, toppings, and other accompaniments.

The sheer variety of cookie flavors, shapes, sizes, and types in Dorie's Cookies 517 pages is staggering, enough to last even the most motivated home cooks many happy years of baking. 

This is definitely a cookbook to read, bake, and eat your way through. Essential for all baking collections!


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Dorie Greenspan


Doris Greenspan is widely considered a revered icon and culinary guru. She was  inducted into the James Beard Foundation’s Who’s Who of Food and Beverage in America, Dorie is the author of Around My French Table, a New York Times bestseller that was named Cookbook of the Year by IACP; Baking Chez Moi; and Baking: From My Home to Yours, a James Beard Award-winner. She lives in Westbrook, Connecticut, New York and Paris.