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WE HAVE WONDERFUL NEWS!  Because of your incredibly warm and enthusiastic response, Robin Ellis has graciously agreed to autograph a limited number of additional books for Pretty Things & Cool Stuff! before he leaves soon to travel to the UK for filming of the "new" POLDARK on PBS' Masterpiece. You did know that he plays the grumpy Rev. Dr. Halse, didn't you?

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Robin lives in southwestern France, so we ask your patience while we deal with international shipping. We will keep you posted!

We are very excited to be able to offer you a personally autographed copy of this delectable and good-for-you cookbook that Robin Ellis signed during his recent U.S. book tour. What a great gift idea! We only have a limited number of autographed books, so get yours now. 

AND, make sure to also get an autographed copy of Ellis' behind-the-scenes memoir —"Making Poldark" — by clicking here.

"This is not a diet cookbook to be followed for a while before resuming normal life. This is a book that represents a whole new way of eating and cooking that is suitable for diabetics, as well as anyone who wants to eat more healthily."

Mediterranean Cooking for Diabetics is a second, fully revised edition of British actor Robin Ellis' hugely successful Delicious Dishes for Diabetics. Based on Mediterranean cuisine — one of the healthiest in the world — Ellis shares his lifetime collection of healthy and simple recipes especially selected and adapted for people wishing to control or prevent diabetes.

As an actor, Ellis is best known for his role as Captain Ross Poldark in the original BBC One classic series Poldark, which was hugely successful in the UK and the US in the mid-70s, and became an international hit in more than 40 countries. 

When PBS' Masterpiece first broadcast its new smash-hit adaptation of Poldark in 2015, Ellis returned to play a cameo as the grumpy Rev. Dr. Halse, and he returns in Season Two. Apart from his career as an actor, Ellis has always been a passionate cook.

In Mediterranean Cooking for Diabetics, Ellis, who was diagnosed wth Type 2 diabetes, explains the strategic changes he made — in what he eats and how he prepares his food — that allowed him to bring his glucose levels down sufficiently to avoid taking medication for six years.

Ellis learned to cook from his mother, who suffered from Type 1 diabetes. Following his own diabetes diagnosis in 1999, Ellis  researched the best way of eating for his condition. He settled on a low-carbohydrate, Mediterranean diet and, together with daily walks, he has managed to control his condition successfully ever since.

In addition to its yummy recipes, Mediterranean Cooking for Diabetics contains color photographs, not only of the delicious and good-for-you dishes you can make, but also of beautiful, rural southwestern France, where Robin lives and leads sell-out cooking workshops focused on simple, delicious and healthy Mediterranean cuisine, making the most of all the fresh local ingredients available.


  • Condition: New, Paperback
  • Edition: Second Edition, First Printing - Published August 2, 2016
  • Publisher: Little, Brown and Company / Constable & Robinson
  • Country of Origin: Great Britain
  • ISBN-13: 9781472136374
  • Pages: 224
  • Rating:★★★★ (See FAQs)
    • ROBIN ELLIS has enjoyed a long and successful career in British television and theatre, including a stint with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

      Robin Ellis Mediterranean Cooking for DiabeticsInspired by a lifelong passion for cooking plus a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes, Ellis wrote his first cookbook, Delicious Dishes for Diabetics: A Mediterranean Way of Eating, in 2011. His second cookbook, Healthy Eating for Life, published in 2014, is designed to help people eat more healthily without sacrificing good taste.

And his latest cookbook, Mediterranean Cooking for Diabetics: Delicious Dishes to Control or Avoid Diabetes, is an updated and expanded version of his first cookbook, and it was published this year, 2016. Ellis blogs regularly at on food, cooking and life in rural, southwest France, where he lives with his American-born wife. He also leads popular healthy cooking workshops in Lautrec, France, famous for its pink garlic festival.