New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone — By Deborah Madison

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“Comprehensive doesn’t even begin to describe this all-encompassing classic of a book. Deborah Madison’s thoughtful and modern approach to cooking vegetables makes her a top authority on the subject, as well as a marvelous practitioner, crafting the most delicious dishes and exciting flavor combinations.”

— Yotam Ottolenghi, chef, author of  Plenty More

“More than any other, this is the book that gave me a foundation in the kitchen. It is the seminal book that, with each successful recipe I cooked, encouraged me to attempt another. And, it was the book that first outlined for me the expansive vegetarian palette of ingredients that I would continue to draw inspiration from to this day. This new edition sparks all of the same feelings, and I’m incredibly excited and thankful for the new generation of cooks about to discover the flavor, color, beauty, and nourishment that Deborah’s recipes bring to the table.”

— Heidi Swanson, author of Super Natural Every Day

 "A friend bought me a copy of Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone about a decade ago, and handed it to me with this pronouncement: 'This is the cookbook," she said, 'that I'd take with me if I were running out of a burning building.' I quickly stuffed the thick volume with bookmarks labeled make this. Madison celebrates vegetables in a way that's appealing to vegetarians and omnivores alike, waltzing from the basics (how to sauté spinach) to more advanced tips (how to convert hot soup recipes to delicious cold versions), plus offering recipes for both simple meals and fancier dishes for entertaining."

— Maggie Hoffman, Serious Eats

Originally published in 1997, Deborah Madison’s Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone was both ahead of its time and an instant classic. It has endured as one of the world’s most popular vegetarian cookbooks (more than 400,000 copies in print), winning both a James Beard Foundation award and the IACP Julia Child Cookbook of the Year Award.

Now, The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone picks up where that culinary legacy left off, with more than 1,600 classic and exquisitely simple recipes for home cooks, including a new introduction, more than 200 new recipes, and comprehensive, updated information on vegetarian and vegan ingredients.

A treasure from America's leading authority on vegetarian cooking and a truly exceptional culinary voice, The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone is not just for vegetarians and vegans—it’s for everyone interested in learning how to cook vegetables creatively, healthfully, and passionately.

This 665-page, fully revised and expanded edition is the most comprehensive vegetarian cookbook ever published — with more than 400,000 copies in print — from America’s leading authority on vegetarian cooking.


Warm Feta Cheese with Sesame Seeds

Covered with toasted sesame seeds, this cheese makes a crunchy, succulent first course or addition to a salad. Serve with fresh bread to mop up the juices.Serves 4 to 6

8 ounces feta, in two chunks
2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 bay leaves
Freshly milled pepper
Juice of 1 large lemon
2 teaspoons chopped marjoram
1 tablespoon toasted sesame seeds

If the feta tastes too salty, soak it in water for 20 minutes, then drain. Slice into slabs 3/8 inch thick. Thicker, it won’t warm through; thinner, it’ll fall apart. Warm the butter and olive oil with the bay leaves in a wide skillet over medium heat until the bay releases its aroma. Add the cheese in a single layer, season with pepper, and heat until it softens and begins to bubble. Turn it over and cook the second side for 1 minute. Add the lemon juice and let it sizzle for a few seconds, then transfer the cheese to a plate. Scrape up any golden, crisp bits of cheese that have stuck to the bottom of the pan and include them, too. Sprinkle with the marjoram and sesame seeds and serve.


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Deborah Madison New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone


Deborah Madison is the author of eleven cookbooks and is well known for her simple, seasonal, vegetable-based cooking.

She got her start in the San Francisco Bay Area at Chez Panisse before opening Greens, and has lived in New Mexico for the last twenty years.

In addition to writing and teaching, she has served on the boards of Slow Food International Biodiversity Committee, the Seed Savers Exchange, and the Southwest Grassfed Livestock Alliance, among others. She is actively involved in issues of biodiversity, gardening, and sustainable agriculture.