The Cooking With Kids Cookbook — Lynn Walters, Jane Stacey, Cheryl Alters Jamison, Deborah Madison & Gabrielle Gonzales

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For more than 20 years, Santa Fe, New Mexico-based nonprofit organization Cooking with Kids (see link below) has educated thousands of children to make healthy eating choices through hands-on learning with fresh, affordable foods from diverse cultures.

Written for families to use together, The Cooking With Kids Cookbook includes the organization's most enthusiastically kid-tested dishes, along with tips for engaging children in the kitchen and in the garden.

Kids can even pick up a pencil or a crayon and do fun and educational activities right inside the book.

Working in collaboration with two of the country's top chefs and food authors, Deborah Madison and Cheryl Alters Jamison, in a community known globally for its food,  The Cooking With Kids Cookbook features more than sixty-five recipes from different cultures — among them South American Llapingachos, Minestrone, and Coconut Rice Balls, to name a few. The authors have created tasty, nutritious meals and snacks that teach children how to help plan, prepare, and cook meals.

This book will show parents and caregivers that kids will enjoy a broad array of foods when they chop, measure, mix, and—of course—eat with pleasure! 


  • Condition: New, Hardcover, Sprial binding
  • Edition: Published October 15, 2016
  • Publisher: University of New Mexico Press
  • ISBN-13: 978-0385349468
  • Pages: 176, 15 color photos, 33 color illustrations, 35 drawings
  • Dimensions: 10.25" inches L x 9" inches W x 1.8" inches D
  • Rating:★★★★★ (See FAQs)


Lynn Walters is the founder of Cooking with Kids. Prior to her work in schools, she was a restaurateur in Santa Fe.

Jane Stacey, a graduate of the New York Restaurant School, is the program director at Cooking with Kids.

Cheryl Alters Jamison is among the nation’s most lauded food and travel writers, with four James Beard book awards and numerous other honors to her credit. With her late husband Bill, she’s penned enough books on food and travel to endow a small library, all the while living out nearly everyone’s dreams about traveling the globe in search of great meals and adventure.

Deborah Madison is an American chef, writer and cooking teacher, who is considered  one of the pioneers and top experts on vegetarian cooking. Her gourmet repertoire showcases fresh garden produce, and her work also highlights Slow Food, local foods and farmers' markets.

Gabrielle Gonzales is pursuing a PhD in sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

You can look here to learn more about the amazing work being done by Cooking with Kids!