Bean-to-Bar Hot Chocolate — Handcrafted by 5 Mile Chocolate - Oak Cliff, TX

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It's no secret, we LOVE really good chocolate — in all kinds of forms — here at Pretty Things & Cool Stuff (Just do a search on "chocolate").

When we travel, one of the things on our must-do list is to seek out and enjoy artisan chocolate, as well as those from some of the world's most-respected chocolatiers. We also seek to learn as much as we can about this irresistible food that we turn to for everything from comfort and well being to joy and celebration. Don't forget sharing, especially sharing! 

We were very impressed with 5 Mile Chocolate's Bean-to-Bar Hot Chocolate from the very first sip — and we have sipped a lot of hot chocolate throughout the years. 

We really weren't surprised, given the focus and dedication 5 Mile Chocolate gives to sourcing the highest quality cacao beans from sustainable farms throughout the world and to the craft of turning those beans into small batches of this incredibly yummy hot chocolate.

They also show their support for the hard work and deep, ongoing commitment to excellence and quality of the farmers they work with by paying them well above commodity and Fair Trade prices. And yes, we believe you can taste the return on that investment in every delicious sip. 

5 Mile Chocolate Hot Chocolate is made only from cacao, cocoa butter and organic sugar. Dark little chunks of bean-to-bar, handcrafted chocolate melt smoothly and make a delicious treat to sip slowly and enjoy. Or, mix it with your favorite coffee for a very yummy mocha. 


  • Ingredients: 50% cacao, 40% organic sugar, 10% cocoa butter (The cacao and cocoa butter come from cacao beans grown with organic practices.)
  • Size: 8 ounces, 227 grams


The cacao and cocoa butter used to make this hot chocolate come from a blend of cacao beans from the Lago de Yojoa region in Honduras and from the Finca Parraxe area of Guatemala. 



You have a right to know what is in your chocolate.

Your question, “What’s in my chocolate?” is at the crux of what Five Mile Chocolate is about. The short answer is “cacao and organic sugar,” but you’re not really looking for the short answer, are you?

With roots in coffee and the sweeter side of the culinary world, Five Mile was enticed by the idea of building craft chocolate in Dallas — from the heart of the Oak Cliff neighborhood  — not only as an opportunity for creation, but as an invitation to join an economy of good work.

5 Mile believes that what's in your chocolate goes beyond the ingredients in the package. It’s the mutual exchange and relationship that begins at the farm and extends to when you are holding a cup of hot chocolate in your hand, ready to enjoy. 5 Mile believes that chocolate should be a treat. It should be trustworthy. It should be the kind of chocolate that transcends, creating something good and something better along the way.