Easy Clean, Stainless Steel Tea Infuser/Filter with Lid — By Frieling

$9.50 USD

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This well-designed, multi-functional and sturdy tea filter/infuser will play a starring role in helping you produce the perfect cup or pot of tea.

Its size allows for full infusion of tea with very little, if any sediment. And, the smooth, micro-etched stainless steel surface eliminates residue build up so you taste the tea and not the filter.

This infuser/filter Includes a stainless steel cover to keep tea hot during steeping, and you can reverse the lid to serve as a drip tray after steeping.

You also can remove the bottom to quickly rinse away every last tea leaf for a very easy clean-up. Simply twist off the removable bottom screen and gently tap out the tea leaves. Then rinse with warm water or place in dishwasher.


  • Infuser is 3.75" inches tall. Fits cups, mugs and teapots with 2.3" to 3.75" openings
  • Materials: 18/11 micro-etched stainless steel, smooth surface eliminates residue build-up
  • Reversible lid keeps tea hot during steeping and serves as a drip tray afterwards
  • All components are dishwasher safe
  • Made by: Frieling