Heidi's Organic Raspberry Red Chile Jam — 10-Ounce Jar

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We thought Heidi could tell the story of her amazing raspberry jams better than we could!

“I make this wonderful jam from USDA Certified Organic raspberries. My farm grows raspberries on the sunny banks of the Rio Grande in the little village of Corrales, New Mexico. The berries are sun ripened on the canes and handpicked ensuring the best flavor. My low-sugar, all natural recipe is slow cooked in small batches to preserve the sweet taste of summer. ”

— Heidi, founder of Heidi's Organic Raspberry Jam

Heidi’s Organic Raspberry Red Chile Jam has a bright, fruity flavor with subtle end notes of earthy, sun-dried, locally grow and organic New Mexico red chiles. Wonderful spread on warm biscuits, or make a peanut butter and jam with a yummy twist. Drizzle it over dark chocolate ice cream, use it as a glaze when grilling meats  or add a kick to your salads with a raspberry red chile vinaigrette.

Heidi’s Raspberry Farm values the quality of its award-winning jam first and foremost. All of its fruit is selected for its unique flavor, sweetness, texture and color, then flash frozen to preserve its vibrant, ripe flavor.

The raspberries are slowly cooked to ensure that the vitamins and beautiful color of the natural fruit are preserved for your enjoyment. Heidi and her team hand make and package each batch of jam with loving care in her Albuquerque kitchen.

Heidi's jam is delicious and healthy. It is vegan, gluten-free and made only from certified organic ingredients.

The jam has only seven grams of sugar per tablespoon, which actually is about one third the amount used by others. Without all of the unnecessary processed sugar that dominates so many jams, Heidi's jams lets you taste and really enjoy the real flavor of the sun-kissed, organic fruit used to make it. A serving of Heidi's jam has 30 calories; the average commercial jam has 50 calories per serving.

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Ingredients: Organic raspberries, organic sugar, natural fruit pectin, organic New Mexico red chile. This product is vegan and gluten free.

Does Heidi's jam have seeds?
Yes, it has seeds. Heidi's utilizes the seeds as part of the cooking process. This helps to retain nutritional value and keep the jam high in natural fiber, both which are important for a healthy diet.

Size: 10 ounces / 283 grams

Origin: Heidi's Organic Raspberry Farm, Corrales, New Mexico



Born in Lawrence, Kansas, Heidi Eleftheriou came to New Mexico when she was three. She grew up going on field trips with her dad's graduate students from the Department of Biology at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. She got to know the Sonoran Desert of Mexico pretty well, too, through those trips.

Heidi lived in Amsterdam for a few years, during which time she also traveled to Afghanistan. Then, she came back to Corrales, New Mexico, and met her Greek husband, Stavros. In 1975, they started working together in his garage-based jewelry business. After her second child was born, at the age of 48, Heidi made the decision to start her own business — Heidi's Raspberry Farm.

Heidi has been selling her jams, fresh raspberries and cut flowers at the local farmers markets in Santa Fe, Corrales & Albuquerque since 2001. Her jams have a loyal and growing following, and they grace the shelves of good food shops in New Mexico.

Travelers to New Mexico have been smitten by Heidi's jams, and because of their happy tastebuds and enthusiastic word of mouth, she has devoted fans across the country. We are very excited and our tastebuds are very, very happy to be carrying Heidi's jams at Pretty Things & Cool Stuff!

Heidi's Raspberry Farm believes strongly in giving back, and it helps support numerous community organizations in New Mexico. Heidi also believes strongly in sustainability, which includes working with a local beekeeper to maintain healthy hives in the farm's fields with honeybees to pollinate the raspberry blossoms.

Heidi's farm is located in Corrales, NM, (north of Albuquerque) which is a unique agricultural village located on the western bank of the Rio Grande River, and she is committed to sustaining the rich agricultural history of the area.

Heidi has received numerous awards including “Organic Farmer of the Year” from the New Mexico Department of Agriculture and has been recognized as a "Local Hero" and "Favorite Food Artisan" multiple times by Edible Magazine.