Zassenhaus Aroma Brew Hot & Cold Brew Glass Coffee Infuser — 34 Ounce / 8 Cup Capacity

$52.00 USD

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Depending on country of origin, a single coffee bean can contain hundreds of flavors. Zassenhaus celebrates the rich complexity of coffee taste with its Aroma Brew Hot & Cold Brew Infuser.

Featuring a stainless steel micro filter and stylish glass carafe, brew hot or cold coffee while bringing out all the natural flavours and coffee oils of your roast.

The multifunction design stands out for its contemporary style and simplicity, and the set performs triple duty as a hot and cold coffee brewer, as well as a beautiful serving carafe. 

The Aroma Brew Hot & Cold Brew Infuser has a 34-ounce capacity, and its 18/10 micro-etched fine stainless steel filter preserves full aroma and eliminates the need for paper filters. Once the coffee is brewed to taste, simply remove the infuser.

The fineness of the etched, microfine stainless steel infuser is perfect for the extended brew time associated with cold brews. The glass carafe is 9.4 inches tall and features a large, gracefully curved handle. All components – the carafe, lid and infuser ­­– are BPA free and dishwasher safe.

Thanks to the microfine stainless steel filter, the full aroma is preserved and a paper filter is unnecessary. The coffee powder stays in contact with the hot water for a long time, the taste becomes particularly intense.

After the desired brewing time, simply remove the filter; the tight-fitting lid keeps the contents warm for a long time. The stylish vessel made of heat-resistant glass holds eight cups and looks good on any coffee table.

This way the coffee can be prepared and served in one and the same jug. The glass lid with silicone gasket prevents from spilling over.


* Borosilicate glass & stainless steel construction
* Permanent stainless steel micro filter
* Capacity: 1000ml / 33.8oz
* Includes glass lid with silicone gasket