EMMA TALLACK JEWELRY — Handcrafted Double-Domed, Brushed Sterling Silver Necklace with Oxidized Center — 1.5 centimeters

$90.00 USD

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This eye-catching necklace is from Emma Tallack's Double-Domed Collection. Its simple, organic form will draw you in, especially the intrigue of its hollow, oxidized center.

Its design - with the chain attached on two sides - makes it different from the pendant in that it sits flat when worn. 

Emma uses a very fine gauge of silver, which makes each piece incredibly lightweight. She does not use any polish on these pieces and chooses a fine, brushed finish. The double domes are burnished after oxidization, giving the centers a beautiful sheen. Depending on the light, sometimes the centers appear black; sometimes blue and sometimes you may even believe she has set it with a stone.

This handcrafted and signed Emma Tallack pendant makes its own statement. It is incredibly lightweight and hangs elegantly on a 16-inch sterling silver chain with a sterling silver lobster clasp.


Materials: Sterling silver pendant and fine sterling silver chain with lobster clasp

Dome Size: 1.5 centimeters

Chain / Clasp: 16" inches, sterling silver with a sterling silver lobster clasp

Emma Tallack


Originally from the United Kingdom, Emma Tallack lived in Germany for many years, and that is where, in the early 2000s, she began her journey of creating jewelry.

While taking an art class where she was sculpting soapstone, Emma realized that each piece she made was becoming smaller and smaller, leading her to shape them into wearable items. From there, she ventured into using sterling silver and focused her energy on learning traditional metalsmithing techniques.

Emma trained herself through courses and workshops to understand, develop and hone the skills involved in working with metal. She now resides in Portland, Maine, and when in her studio there, Emma devotes her time to continual growth and evolution as a jewelry designer and metalsmith. 

She is passionate about the art of metalsmithing, be it jewelry design or creating functional and sculptural pieces. Emma draws upon a variety of sources for inspiration, including visual arts, materials and textures, man-made structures and nature.

She enjoys the challenge of blending organic and manufactured materials into delicate and wearable treasures, and she loves to discover new methods and invariably will work these into her own designs. 

Emma believes in the importance of giving ourselves permission to allow creativity into our lives. In addition to jewelry design, Emma works as a Professional Creativity Coach, helping people use creativity as a process for self-development self-exploration and personal growth. She helps them get to know their own creative strengths and to enjoy seeing how these positive benefits can create transformational changes their life.

Combining both professional coaching and being a jewelry maker and metalsmith, Emma feeds her own soul and strives to help others create the life that matters most to them.