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The Mother Earth News Guide to Vegetable Gardening: Building & Maintaining Healthy Soil - Wise Watering - Pest Control Strategies - Home Composting - Dozens of Growing Guides for Fruits & Vegetables

$18.50 USD

We love to cook and eat clean, healthy food, so we grow as many of our own herbs and vegetables as possible. All of the new discoveries about how to cultivate nutrition-boosting, water-saving soil, small-space gardening and how to extend growing seasons makes it even more fun and rewarding!

And that is why we are so excited to have for you The Mother Earth News Guide to Vegetable Gardening: Building & Maintaining Healthy Soil - Wise Watering - Pest Control Strategies - Home Composting - Dozens of Growing Guides for Fruits & Vegetables.

This newly published book harnesses the decades of wisdom and trusted advice on growing vegetables and fruits Mother Earth News has shared with millions of readers. It brings together in 272 pages all of the indispensable techniques, complete growing guides, helpful tips, useful photographs, and inspiring illustrations for which Mother is well known and loved.

You can plan for self-sufficiency with a garden focused on edibles! Choose from a variety of plans for kitchen gardens, browse strategies for small space gardening, or up your gardening game by installing and maintaining permanent beds.

Have soil concerns? This indispensable Guide will help you to really get to know your soil and understand what it do for you. Get the dirt on building fertile soil, soil pH, compost, vermicompost —even biochar. Long-time gardeners are sure to find something new, from vertical gardening to plans for extending the seasons.

That’s right, garden through the seasons with dozens of vegetable-and fruit-specific growing guides. Start with your favorites or learn to love something new (Asian greens or fruit trees, anyone?).

In slower-growing or more challenging seasons, The Mother Earth News Guide to Vegetable Gardening is there to help. Whether you need to know the best vegetables to grow in the shade or the top gardening tips for soil health in winter, this book has it all.

Mother Earth News is America's leading magazine about sustainable and self-reliant living. Founded by John and Jane Shuttleworth in 1970, it is owned today by Ogden Publications of Topeka, Kansas, and boasts a growing circulation of more than half a million.

Since the magazine's founding, Mother Earth News has been a pioneer in the promotion of renewable energy, recycling, family farms, sustainable agricultural practices, better eating habits, medical self-care, more meaningful education, and affordable housing. 


  • Condition: New
  • Format: Paperback
  • Published: April 15, 2017
  • Publisher: Voyageur Press
  • ISBN-13: 9780760351871
  • Pages: 272
  • Dimensions: 10" inches H x .75"inches D x 8" inches W
  • Rating:★★★★ (See FAQs)

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