Garden Insects and Bugs: My Nature Sticker Activity Book - Science Activity and Learning Book for Kids With Coloring, Stickers and Quiz — Illustrated by Olivia Cosneau

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"These (My Nature Sticker Activity Books) are the rare activity books that can hold their own on the quirky, information-packed writing and exquisite artwork (reminiscent of midcentury American illustrator Charley Harper). Once the kids have absorbed a few facts, they'll be ready to go crazy with the irresistible glossy stickers (100 or so in each book) and their attendant sticker projects."

— The New York Times Book Review

They often are so small that you hardly notice them, but all kinds of amazing creatures share our gardens: from ladybugs, butterflies, and dragonflies to spiders, bees, and beetles. Garden insects play an important role in nature and are fascinating to observe. Did you know that the eyes of a dragonfly cover its entire head, or that flies love to clean themselves? Are you surprised to learn that there's lots of life in a dead tree?

Garden Insects and Bugs: My Nature Activity Sticker Book combines activities, such as coloring and placing stickers, with many interesting facts about garden insects. The 24-page book is full of beautiful illustrations in bright colors printed on uncoated paper, which makes this a high-quality, interactive gem that appeals to both children and parents.

It has 112 removable stickers, 27 different activities and a quiz. 

This beautiful and fun interactive gem is part of a series of wonderful My Nature Sticker Activity Books that we loved so much we also have the Birds of the World , In the Forest and In the Vegetable Garden for you, too!


For ages 5 and up

Format: New, paperback

Published: March 20, 2018

Published: Princeton Architectural Press

ISBN: 9781616896645

Pages: 24 pages

Dimensions: 11.9 inches L x 8.7 inches W x 0.2 inches D 

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Olivia Cosneau is an illustrator who lives in France. She received her diploma in Fine Arts at the University of Nantes in 1996. Olivia has illustrated several children's books, including the Adopt Me series and the My Nature Sticker Activity Books series.