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Texas Gardening the Natural Way: The Complete Handbook — By Howard Garrett

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Compost your old "complete" gardening guide.

There's a new way of gardening in Texas that's healthier for people and the environment, more effective at growing vigorous plants and reducing pests, cheaper to maintain and just more fun!

It's Howard Garrett's (aka The Dirt Doctor) "The Natural Way" organic gardening program and it is explained, step by step, right here in Texas Gardening the Natural Way. 

This book is the first, state-of-the-art organic handbook for Texas, and it presents a total gardening program 

Texas Gardening the Natural Way is a fully illustrated guide to organic gardening in the Lone Star State that educates readers about and shows them how to plan, plant and maintain beautiful gardens, lawns and landscapes without using chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides, while also instructing on gardening fundamentals and much more.

This comprehensive guides features information on more than 600 native and adaptable plants, more than any other guide on the market. It also has organic product recommendations and resources, and readers will enjoy and benefit from the 833 gorgeous, full-color photos that in the book. 

Here's a listing of some of topics covered:

Gardening fundamentals: soils, landscape design, planting techniques and maintenance practices

Trees: 134 species

Shrubs and specialty plants: 85 species for sun, shade and all seasons

Ground covers and vines: 51 species for sun and shade

Annual and perennials: 136 species for sun, shade, seasonal flooring, etc. Also includes seeding rates for wildflowers

Lawn grasses: 10 species for sun or shade, additional information on 16 native grasses, seeding rates for 32 grasses and suggested mowing heights

Fruits, nuts and vegetables: 58 species, with a vegetable planning chart and information on gardening by the moon

Herbs: 66 species for culinary and medicinal purposes

Bugs: 73 species of helpful and harmful bugs and more

Plant diseases: organic treatment for 55 common problems

Organic management practices

Average first and last freeze dates

Organic fertilizers and soil amendments: 61 varieties, including full instructions for making compost

Organic pest control products: 30 varieties

Common house plants and poisonous plants

Instructions for climbing vegetable structures and bat houses

And more!

Whew! What an amazing, informative and beneficial book that is THE perfect gift for any gardener, beginning gardener who wants to work in partnership with Mother Earth for health and sustainability!


  •  Condition: New
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Published: February 2016 
  • Publisher: University of Texas Press
  • ISBN: 13: 978-14773-1023-6
  • Pages: 386
  • Photos: 833 full color photos
  • Dimensions: 8.5" inches. W x 11" inches L x 1.25" inches D
  • Rating:★★★★1/2 (See FAQs)


Howard Garrett is a nationally syndicated organic gardening/living radio talk show host, author 15 books on organic growing, columnist (Organic Answers) for the Dallas Morning News, chairman of the Texas Organic Research Center, past member of the Organic Advisory Board of the Texas Department of Agriculture, arborist and landscape architect.

He has extensive experience in landscape contracting, greenhouse growing, and organic product development. Howard has devoted his life to establishing a leadership role in the organic movement and the natural organic marketplace, and he provides advice on natural organic gardening, landscaping, pet health, pest control and natural living. 

In 1985, the birth of Howard's daughter Logan was the turning point in his education into organic gardening, landscaping, farming and ranching.

By 1988, he had committed his entire career to the research, education and promotion of organic products and practices. In addition to teaching organics to homeowners, he began the conversion of numerous commercial projects such as the Frito-Lay National Headquarters in Plano. Howard's work also includes research on natural organic planting techniques, use of native and well adapted introductions and water saving solutions. 

Known as "the Dirt Doctor", he has a popular organic gardening program, The Natural Way, on WBAP-820 AM radio, a weekly column in the Dallas Morning News, a monthly Dirt magazine, and is a sought-after and regional and national speaker.