The New Seed-Starters Handbook — by Nancy Bubel with Jean Nick

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Starting plants from a seed grants earlier harvests, greater variety, healthier seedlings, lower costs, and the undeniable sense of satisfaction and reward.

For the most complete, up-to-date information on starting plants from seed, turn to The New Seed-Starter's Handbook. Written by a gardener with 30 years of experience, this updated, easy-to-use reference explains everything you need to know to start seeds and raise healthy seedlings successfully.

Inside, you'll find the latest research in seed starting, the best growing media, the newest gardening materials, solutions to seed-starting problems and a source list for seeds and hard-to-find gardening supplies.

Why start your own plants from seed? Two words — security and adventure. The gardener who raises plants from seed can experience both.

Security–that confidence in the future that springs from one's own ability, forethought, and preparation.

Adventure–the soaring sense of "anything is possible" and "there are so many interesting things to try"–are well known to those who grow.

The robust encyclopedia section lists more than 200 plants—including vegetables and fruits, garden flowers, wildflowers, herbs, trees, and shrubs—with details on how to start each from seed.

In today's world, it's more important that ever to know where your food comes from. you'll know that your plants have well-developed roots growing in good soil that hasn't been hyped with chemicals. You can even plant organically raised seeds in organic seed-starting mix to give your plants an extra start on excellence.

By growing your own seedlings using The New Seed-Starter's Handbook, you will experience earlier harvests, have greater variety, grow stronger and healthier seedlings, save money and, of course, endless enjoyment. 


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  • Format: Paperback                             
  • Published: January 30, 2018
  • Publisher: Rodale Books; Illustrated edition
  • ISBN-13: 978-1635651041
  • Pages: 464
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    Nancy Bubel has written for Organic Gardening, Mother Earth News, Country Journal Magazine, Horticulture, Family Circle, Woman's Day, and New Shelter magazines. A life member of both the Seed Savers Exchange and the Friends of the Trees Society, she lives in Wellsville, PA.

    Jean Nick is a lifelong organic gardener, sustainable farmer, scientist, author, and environmentalist. She has been writing about organic gardening and healthy lifestyles for the better part of three decades from her organic sheep farm in rural Bucks County, PA.