ARTIST HANDCRAFTED — Honeycomb Necklace - Audra Azoury

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When you read her story and see her work, you will understand why I knew immediately that I wanted you to discover Audra Azoury's modern art/jewelry that so deftly and uniquely reflects our daily environment, whether natural or manmade:

"I am a small one woman shop located in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. My inspiration comes from things that intrigue me and make me feel small in comparison. Each piece is more than just a design, it is a conversation starter about places and things that you love, or find beauty in.

I design and create all of my jewelry by hand with the help of modern cutting technology.

I strive to find my own voice in a sea of trends by pairing my clean, subtle design style with unique, industrial inspired finishes.

My newest line of jewelry is called Environment, and it was inspired by both natural and manmade object which surround us. This line speaks of our environmental past, present and future.

As societies continue to grow, our environment is affected and is constantly changing. Our actions and the actions of future generations will shape the world as we know it. Here's to hoping that it leads to somewhere good!"


Audra has dedicated this design to honeybees and all of the scientists who are trying to solve the mystery of the declining bee population. Thank you so much, Audra!

Just a couple more reasons why Audra rocks!

She is committed to using American-made materials:

"I strongly believe that to strengthen an economy you need to start with yourself and work your way outward.

All of my charms are made from USA Made materials and over 98% of my chains are Made in the USA, with only the exception of a few which are made in Italy and Germany. I do not respect China's lack of environmental and labor regulations and so I do not support them."

She is committed to helping women make extra money to help them support themselves and their families.

"I was a stay-at-home mom for a long time, and I was always looking for odd jobs to make some extra cash. Whether a woman is putting her career on hold to raise her children, or working full time just to support herself, I hope that as my company grows I can help more and more women take a step towards financial freedom."