We are sending every well wish possible to you and yours. We also are sending every well wish and prayer possible to all of the amazing people working on the frontlines in so many ways 24/7 for the benefit of everyone. Such selflessness, courage, determination and commitment from so many people in so many positions we have rarely seen. We ALL have to find some way to help each other in some way, every day. Yes, we are open, and your ongoing support has been amazing and appreciated. We are humbled and grateful. We are following all guidelines and keeping all safe. Thank you again, Be well and Onward!


$50.00 USD

These beautiful, high quality sterling silver earrings look so realistic that you can almost hear the waves unrolling on a nearby beach. They look so much like starfish because they were hand cast from molds created from the shapes of a real creature. 

These eye-catching earrings were handcrafted by artists in Sardinia specifically selected to convey the KOKKU vision of "preserving by promoting" traditional artisan crafts by giving them a new life and personal meaning to people around the world.

KOKKU takes its name from a Sardinian amulet that protects newborn babies again the "evil eye". The name was chosen by Ansula and Andrea Usai after an illness left their second child completely without an appetite; only when a kokku was placed around his neck did the child regain he appetite and weight. 

KOKKU's logo symbolizes the kokku. the circle is the obsidian bead, while the clasp of the kokku shows five U's and five A's, which represents the initials of the five members the Usai family.

In addition to the beautifully handcrafted, high quality pieces made by Sardinian artists using skills that have been handed down for generations, we love working with Andrea and Ansula because social responsibility and ethical commitment form the foundation of their working practice at KOKUU. 

They are passionate about the artisans they support, and their primary concern is for the preservation and continuation of traditional arts. 

Handcrafted in: Sardinia 
Material: .925 sterling silver
Size: Diameter approximately 22 mm

Ansula and Andrea Usai Kokku

Behind KOKUU is husband and wife team, Andrea and Ansula Usai. Ansula, who is half German and half Sri Lankan, has inherited the creative spirit from a generation of architects and designers. Her husband, Sardinian-born Andrea, has extensive experience working in luxury travel and the arts. 

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