Bee's Wrap Vermont Maple Drying Rack

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We love Bee's Wrap for its smart, charming and beautifully simple solutions that help you take better care of all creatures who share our precious planet, as well as its deep, demonstrable commitment to doing such. 

When we first saw their new Vermont Maple Drying Rack, we said "Yes! That's it!" because it is a very useful, functional and minimalist solution to care for not only Bee’s Wrap, but all the reusables in your life.

We know the ritual of caring for reusables can take extra steps — but we also know that doing so is worthwhile for several important reasons, and that is why we are in love with Bee's Wrap Vermont Maple Drying Rack

With its easy-to-use design, it can be used to dry everything from Bee's Wrap, water bottles, jars and kitchen tools, to kitchen cloths, stainless steel lunch containers, and even fresh greens! And it helps extend the life of your Bee's Wrap with proper care.

Bee's Wrap Drying Rack sets up to do the job using less work area than standard dish racks. As functional as it is beautiful, this Nordic-inspired design will fit any kitchen decor. It also assembles in seconds and disassembles quickly for flat, compact storage in the provided cloth bag.

You can take the Bee's Wrap Vermont Maple Drying Rack with you on outdoor adventures for on-the-go convenience, keeping reusables clean without taking up too much space.

The Drying Rack is made in Vermont from 100% sustainably harvested solid maple. Its non-toxic whey-based coating makes it both stain resistant and water repellent.

It is designed and built for the rinse and-repeat of your daily reusable routine. Simply wash it in warm water with gentle soap and allow it to air dry between use. 

Because Bee's Wrap is committed to near zero-waste production. the Drying Rack is packaged in a 100% organic cotton sleeve that is made using fabric seconds in Bee's Wrap own mill. Because of such, the patterns of the storage bag fabric are random, which does not affect the contents. 


Materials: 100% sustainably harvested solid Vermont maple; storage bag is made from 100% organic cotton fabric seconds

Dimensions Assembled: 10" x 8 3/4" x 14 1/4" 

Disassembled for Storage: 17" x 2" x 1 1/4"

Care: Hand wash in warm water with gentle soap and allow to air dry between uses.


( And why we have them at Pretty Things & Cool Stuff! )

From start to finish, Bee's Wrap pays close attention to the ingredients and materials it uses in its production process.

Its fabric and printing are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. Its beeswax is sourced from sustainably-managed hives, and its uses only organic jojoba oil. Bee’s Wrap packaging is made from 100% recycled paper and a biodegradable cellulose window. All of its packaging is recyclable and fully biodegradable.

Bee's Wrap is a Green America Certified Company. Its products are reusable, biodegradable, and compostable. At the end of your Bee's Wrap's useful life in the kitchen, cut the wrap into strips to add to your compost heap, or wrap them around pieces of kindling and use as a natural and effective fire starter.

As a Green America Certified Company and a proud B Corp, Bee's Wrap® is committed to using its business as a vehicle for social change, bettering the lives of its customers, employees, community, and planet. As a family business, it also is vested in the values and environment it will pass along to future generations.