Zassenhaus Cast Iron Spice Grater / Grinder with Storage and Beechwood Lid

$35.00 USD

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Why didn't someone thing of this little gem sooner?

Fresh spices can make such as big difference when you are cooking, and that is why it was love at first sight with this Zassenhaus Cast Iron Spice Grater/Grinder with Beechwood Lid 

It is the perfect, well-designed tool for making short work of grinding and pulverizing fresh spices, peppers, or anything that needs to be crushed!

Being made of solid cast iron, this grater combines natural material and perfect function. Because of its weight, the grater lies well in the hand. The inner bottom of the bowl  and the accurately fitting grating cone are coarsely fluted, so by a simple turn against each other, peppercorns, mustard seeds, spices, dried herbs and peppers, as well as oil-containing foods, minced effortlessly, evenly and gently.

The beechwood lid closes tightly over the grater, giving you convenient storage that keeps out light and helps maintain freshness and aroma.  

All of this goodness in elegantly simple and compact, three-piece set (outer cup, inner grinder, beechwood lid).


Materials: Very durable cast iron inner and outer cups and beechwood lid

Dimensions: 3.3" inches long x 3.3" deep x 4" inches high

Care: Cast iron is a natural product, so you can clean it by rinsing the grater with hot water and a dishwashing brush, especially when acidic foods have been processed, as such can lead to corrosion. Dry thoroughly with a paper towel and let air dry. The grater has been rubbed with bean oil, and it is good to season it occasionally with a little cooking oil.  Do not clean in the dishwasher.

Weight: 2.6 pounds shipping weight