Catherine Lewis Design Palm House Tropics Oven Mitts — Designed and Made in the UK with Organic Cotton

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How about the feeling of warm breezes, sunshine and a lush tropical island in your kitchen any time of the year? Then these vibrant oven mitts with UK artist Catherine Edwards' brilliantly drawn and richly colored botanical design is just the ticket. 

Not only will you love using such a functional piece of art, you also will be very impressed by its quality. These Catherine Lewis Palm House Tropics Oven Mitts are made in the United Kingdom. They have an ivory base with a lush botanical design on the top and a contrasting, light-pink base and more tropicals on the reverse and are trimmed with black, contrasting piping. 

The designs are printed on high-quality, 100% organic cotton, and you can see and feel the quality in the hand feel and overall weight. These oven mitts not only are lovely, they also are very practical, durable and thickly lined to keep you protected from the heat, and they have a handy loop to for easy hanging. 

We definitely will understand if you want to grab your shades and play "Margaritaville' when using these Catherine Lewis Palm House Tropics Oven Mitts. 

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Origin: United Kingdom

Features: Heat-resistant toweling, hanging loop

Care: Machine Washable


Etc.: Please note that while the colors of this apron are very vibrant and lovely, they may vary slightly from on-screen viewings because of differences screen settings.


Catherine Lewis Design

Catherine Lewis Design is a company based in Cardiff, Wales in the United Kingdom that was started in 2016 by noted English artist Catherine Edwards. The studio was founded for the love of botanicals, illustration and print design.

After working in the US and in London as a noted womenswear print designer for 7 years, Catherine started craving a more creative lifestyle outside of the fashion industry.

"I've always been drawn to florals and plants, and have been collecting vintage botanical books for years. I'd spend any free weekends and evenings drawing," Catherine explains. "It was a trip to Columbia Road Flower Market one weekend, where I bought a bunch of King Protea flowers to draw that really ignited something in me to do this for a living! As soon as I drew that very first Protea illustration I knew!"

Her detailed process takes time. Catherine creates all the illustrations and designs herself. She aims to capture as many details in each flower or foliage as possible. A specimen will be studied closely — ideally she will have it in front of her while drawing to be able to fully appreciate every detail.

Catherine also takes lots of photos of plants so has a huge archive of reference photos that she's built up over the years, thanks to her love for all things plants.

"This part of the process is very traditional, and is purely just me, the plant, a pencil and a pen. That's it. My favorite part."