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Kilner Clip Top Jar with Grater — 17 Fluid Ounces

$15.00 USD

So many ways to use this all-in-one kitchen gem!

Think grating cheese, vegetables, even chocolate directly into this handy, space-saving Kilner Clip Top Jar with Grater for storage and serving — and it is high-quality glass, not plastic!

And, It is so easy to create salads to go by grating layers of veggies, cheese, etc. into the high quality Kilner clip top jar. 

Simply place the grater attachment onto the top of the Kilner jar and grate your favorite cheese, vegetables, chocolate, etc., straight into the jar below.

Included in the set s a 17-fluid-ounce, top-quality Kilner jar with iconic clip top lid, perfect for sealing in freshness and storing in the fridge.

And as a bonus, the grater attachment also fits Kilner clip top jars in other sizes, including 16.9 fluid ounce, 34 fluid ounce, 50.7 fluid ounce and 67.6 fluids ounce sizes.


1 x Kilner 17 US fl oz Round Clip Top Jar, with seal

1 x Stainless Steel Grater Attachment

Dimensions: 5.91"inches L x 5.91"inches W x 6.30" inches H

Dishwasher safe (seal removed

Hand wash only if leaving seal on clip top

Do not pour boiling water directly into the jar

Kilner is long trusted name in kitchens around the world, synonymous with high quality and innovation. John Kilner began making glass bottles and jars in England in 1842. The company is as much-loved and successful now as it was 175 years ago, and lots ong-lasting popularity is owed to its distinctive pressure seal and iconic design.  

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