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TENNIS: The Original Rules of Tennis - John Barrett

$10.95 USD

Whether it's the unmistakeable grass and customary white uniforms of Wimbledon, the aggressive hard courts of the U.S. Open or either of the two remaining majors which make up the sport's Grand Slam, the Australian and French Open's, tennis is watched by millions and enjoyed by tens of thousands of amateur tennis players in North America alone. The Original Rules of Tennis, published in association with the All England Lawn Tennis Club, a.k.a. Wimbledon, looks at the circumstances behind the creation of the first rules, their scope, and their evolution to the rules of today.

This 59-page collectible hardcover book examines the history of the rules of tennis from their first iteration in 1874 to the present day. It was that fateful day in 1874 when Major Walter Clopton Wingfield developed a variation on the game for the amusement of his house guests in Wales. After he laid out the basic rules, the game spread quickly to the first championship at Wimbledon, which was held in 1877, followed soon after by the first American tournament in 1880.

With a forward by English professional tennis player, Tim Henman, and introduced by John Barrett, the BBC’s now retired “voice of tennis” (see About the Author below), The Original Rules of Tennis is a must for spectators and players alike.

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  • Condition: New Hardback. Glued binding.
  • Edition: First Edition - Published June 15, 2010
  • Publisher: Bodleian Library / University of Oxford
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-85124-318-1
  • ISBN-10 1851243186
  • Pages: 59
  • Rating:★★★★ (See FAQs)
  • JOHN BARRETT played in twenty-one consecutive Wimbledon Championships between 1950 and 1970. As a BBC commentator since 1971, he was known to millions as the 'voice of tennis' until his retirement in 2006. He has edited the annual World of Tennis from 1969 to 2001.

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