The New American Herbal — By Stephen Orr

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"Passion seems to be the guiding force behind this volume—an epic, encyclopedic, and utterly beautiful tome devoted to the cultivation and appreciation of herbs in America. Created during weekends upstate with almost full creative freedom, the book is as much a compendium of herbal facts, lore, and uses as it is a reflection of its creator—witty anecdotes and observations pepper the book’s writing and Orr’s own stunning photographs fill its pages.

While many gardening books can have the charm of an automotive manual, mere compilations of growing tips and run-of-the-mill images, Orr’s book covers its bases (everything from tried-and-true choices like thyme and lavender to more off-beat selections like hemlock and marijuana) with style. Both a great read and an indispensible resource for everything from gardening to cooking, this beautifully designed book is just as at home on a gardener’s shelf as it is on the nightstand or coffee table." 

— Design Sponge (Read complete story and interview with author here)

"Orr’s affection for herbs shines through every well-researched page of this book; his wonder and delight are infectious...And he knows that just because a book is useful and intelligent, it doesn’t have to look scholarly and dull. Orr’s beautiful photographs have an approachable aura of romance."

The New York Times Book Review

From modern garden master Stephen Orr comes a new, definitive book on herbs to finally replace the dusty and outdated classics. Here are entries on hundreds of plants that are extraordinarily useful in cooking, homeopathy, and more; dozens of recipes and DIY projects; and beautifully styled photographs so you know just what you’re growing!

With more than 900 entries — including 40 delicious recipes —, each accompanied by brand new photography and helpful growing advice, The New American Herbal takes the study of herbs to an exciting new level.

Orr covers the entire spectrum of herbaceous plants, from culinary to ornamental to aromatic and medicinal, presenting them in an easy to use A to Z format packed with recipes, DIY projects, and stunning examples of garden design highlighting herbal plantings.

Learn about the herbs you’ve always wanted to grow (chervil, chamomile, and lovage), exotic herbs (such as Artemisia, the bitter herb used in Absinthe, or the anti-inflammatory Meadowsweet), and ornamental varieties (Monkshood and Perilla).

For cooks there is indispensable guidance on planting and maintaining a bountiful kitchen garden and crafters will delight in dozens of exciting new uses for fresh, dried, and distilled herbs.

Here, too, are 40 delicious recipes, as well easy steps for projects such as a hanging herb garden and instructions on how to plant, dry, and preserve your garden’s bounty.

Meticulously researched and exhaustive in its scope, The New American Herbal is an irresistible invitation to explore the versatility of herbs in all their beauty and variety.

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  • Condition: New. Paperback.
  • Edition: Published September 30, 2014
  • Publisher: Clarkson Potter
  • ISBN-13:  978-0449819937
  • Pages: 384
  • Dimensions: 7 7/16 x 10 inches
  • Rating:★★★★1/2 (See FAQs)
  • STEPHEN ORR is the author of Tomorrow’s Garden and the former Editorial Director for Gardening for Martha Stewart Living.
  • Previously he was the garden editor for House & Garden magazine and has written extensively for Domino, The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.
  • He has been a regularly featured gardening expert on The CBS Early Show and Today, and lectures at garden clubs around the country.
  • Orr writes about extraordinary gardens on his blog, What the Skies Were Like.