ARTISAN CRAFTED IN ITALY — Morello Cherries in Syrup - Amarena di Cantiano — By MORELLO AUSTERA

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Ahhhh, these wonderfully wild, dark-red morello cherries are nurtured and grown on almost 10 acres of ideal habitat on the slopes of Mount Cantria in Italy before being lovingly blended and thoughtfully crafted into a delicious and beautiful topping for fruits, ice cream, baked goods, cocktails and more. 

These Amarena di Cantina Morello Cherries in Syrup are little gems that are absolutely packed with flavor. The smaller black cherries of Cantiano, in the Marche region of Central Italy, are preserved in a lightly spiced syrup with cinnamon, clove and almond oil, resulting in a sweet, rich treat that is perfect for topping yogurt, cheesecake, ice cream, panna cotta — so good to make your own creations.

You also can serve them to much applause with aged cheeses like Pecorino Romano and use them in savory preparations — like making a sauce with brandy and shallots for pork loin. And don't forget about cocktails and Prosecco!

After being hand picked, the cherries are pitted and the pulp is used to make the juice which is blended with sugar and reduced until thick. It then is mixed with a special blend of spices, brought to a simmer and jarred immediately while still hot. After a short pasteurization, each jar is carefully stored for two months for the flavors to blend beautifully to create Amarena di Cantina Morello Cherries in Syrup. 

The Lupatelli brothers are very proud — and they should be! — of their Morello Austera amarene (sour cherries) in the perfectly sweet-enough syrup not only for its fine flavor but also the quality. Each yummy jar is 40% morello cherries blended with the cherry juice and pure ingredients to make the decadent syrup.

The Lupatelli family created Morello Austera to celebrate their love and respect for their native land in Italy. After discovering that their beloved Amarena di Cantiano cherries were disappearing, they felt it their duty to re-introduce this incredible fruit. They began growing local varieties of cherries in 2000. Cherries, along with mulberries and apples, are now grown all over their 10 acres. The microclimate of the farm is a perfect environment to grow their beloved fruit.

They pick and process the cherries at their own facility on the property. The cherries are grown without the use of pesticides and bees are used to pollinate the trees.

Amarena di Cantina Morello Cherries in Syrup are a panty must-have! Simply by spooning some of this sumptuous and delish topping over toast, pancakes, French toast, fruit, ice cream, panna cotta, cheese or in cocktails and more, you can create Extra Special and Extra Delicious in minutes