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Such a delicious pair — perfectly sweet peaches with a kiss of habanero pepper.

And they come together so exquisitely in this yummy Peach Habanero Jam made with a lot of love for the freshest harvest from local farms and time-proven food traditions by the mother-and-daughter team of Judy and Camille Cortinas at Yim's Foods

This delicious and beautiful jam is made from fresh peaches at their peachiest with just-right sweetness. Farm-to-Yim's-Foods-kitchen habanero pepper adds the perfect touch of complementary warmth and depth, not distracting or overbearing heat. 

Of course you can eat it by the spoonful, and you also can spread it on warm toast and biscuits, over cheese, on crackers, use it in baking, on meats and more. It is so yummy, you will look for ways to enjoy more! Think gifts, too!

From many blue ribbons at the State Fair of Texas to chef's recipes and restaurant menus and the shelves of discerning food purveyors — like Pretty Things & Cool Stuff  and Williams Sonoma — Dallas- based Yim's Foods' mission is to delight its customers with the best, artisanal, small-batch jams they've ever tasted, while working to support local farmers and build a stronger local food economy. 

We know what drives Camille and Judy to make this Peach Habanero Jam such a tasty jewel, so what was the inspiration for the name, Yim's Foods?

We'll let Camille tell you: "My sister, Megan, is to thank for the name. It comes from a childhood imagination creating another language within
 our family. Personal pronouns consisted of mims, hims, shims and yims. YIMS translating into YOU or YOURS - the sentence would convey the choice. Therefore, the choice of Yims - is basically, you. I make my products for YIMS - YOU!"

We are so glad she does, and we think you will be, too!


Ingredients: Peaches, pure cane sugar, Habanero peppers, fruit pectin, lemon juice and butter. 

Size: 8-ounce jar, 227 grams

Special Note: This jam contains some dairy in the form of butter



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