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Art Blakey and The Original Jazz Messengers CD

$8.95 USD

The Jazz Messengers have been called the Eighth Wonder of the World. And the recording of Art Blakey and The Original Jazz Messengers is where it all began back in 1956. 

Legendary jazz drummer Art Blakey - known as "The Tiger of Jazz" because of his ferocious playing style -  started The Jazz Messengers in the late 40s. With Blakey at the helm, the band was a beacon that attracted an ever-changing lineup of talented young players who sharpened their chops on the way to claiming their own bright spotlights in jazz history.

The long list of Jazz Messengers includes more than 150 alums, and it is a mind-blowing collection! See Tidbits below. And they cooked for more than 40 years, matched only by various jazz groups led by Miles Davis. 

This inaugural Jazz Messengers lineup set the bar very high for those who followed. In addition to Blakey on drums, there was pianist Horace Silver, Hank Mobley on tenor saxophone, Donald Byrd on trumpet and Doug Watkins on bass. Mercy!

This 12-track remastered CD of Art Blakey and The Original Jazz Messengers features five tracks that previously were only available on foreign recordings.

Kick back and take a listen….you will want more!

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  • 1. Infra-Rae
    2. Nica's Dream
    3. It's You Or No One
    4. Ecaroh
    5. Carol's Interlude
    6. The End Of A Love Affair
    7. Hank's Symphony
    8. Weird-O *
    9. Ill Wind *
    10. Late Show *
    11. Deciphering the Message *
    12.Carol's Interlude - Alternate Take *
    Tracks with an asterisk * are previously unreleased from the original recording session.
  • In 1997, Columbia / Legacy Records released The Jazz Messengers CD featuring all of the tracks from the original album of Art Blakey with the Original Jazz Messengers. This 12-track release includes five tracks from the original recording sessions in 1956 that previously were only available on foreign releases. See Track List.

    This CD also features new liner notes by noted drummer and New York DJ Kenny Washington, in addition to the original ones written by session producer George Avikian. There also are new photos of this classic quintet.

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